Amazing Co-Op Balance at OK Regional

For those of you that missed it, an amazing coopertition balance took place in qualification match 35 at the 2012 Oklahoma Regional:

The match video can be found here:

I was the drive coach for 1540, the Flaming Chickens, during this match, and I have no idea how our driver and the driver for 2345 pulled this one off.

That is beautiful.

I have no idea how something like that even happens, but I guess if there’s enough matches being played and enough teams successfully balancing the co-op bridge, at least a few of them are going to be insanely unlikely balances. Add some skilled drivers into the mix and I guess it’s not incredibly surprising that it happens, but still quite the event when it does!

Also, congrats on the regional!

This is why I love the bridges, actual edge-of-you-seat excitement.

Best finale in years

totally awesome almost as great as our three robot balance, the game this year is great!

now where did I put those pictures…

That was beautiful. Qualifying match 88 was pretty great too. **1540 and 1561 **Roboducks had an awesome bridge balance at the last second.
Video Here I wish we were there this past weekend!

I don’t think I saw that one. Would have been around lunch Friday… hmm… not that I didn’t see any really close ones! (KC had that one moment where a robot pushed over another robot that fell over. That was amazing)

Now I’m thinking about any amazing performances we did. Certainly none with the bridge (though the second semi-finals would have been had the red alliance not gotten their double and we did get our single. That was pretty close). There were a couple where we came from being behind after autonomous, but all the close, interesting matches we ended up losing :confused: