Amazing Instructions

Last night we were programming the radio for a project that we are building for the 13th Floor haunted house.

Being typical engineers we tried without reading the instructions first. When we went to the instructions we found them to be rather amazing.

Yes these are the real instructions that came with the radio…

If you have received “clear” instructions also feel free to share.

I gave up on the stock firmware on my (Turnigy) 9x. If you have the time,soldering skills, and an Arduino or AVR programmer I’d recommend flashing it with ER9X. There is a huge community for hacking and modding 9x transmitters.

The stock firmware is weird and er9x is muuch better but it is usable. I’m not sure which firmware you have but here are some better manuals

I think the purpose of the thread was a bit unclear.
We got the radio functioning.

Let me quote the instruction manual (maybe not everyone can see the picture?).

“Mix purpose to accuse of form to get rid of little mistake of organism, make it is it can take the heart conveniently even more to have not to handle. the very wanton one mixes accusing of among the channel.”

The “clear instructions” I was looking for are other examples of when the translation is “not so good”.

Enjoy the humor of it. :wink: