Amazing robot plays

Just wanted to hear stories of amazing plays. In trenton, during one quaterfinals between mckee 522s alliance and robbes alliance it was so exciting. The first match, McKee had great autonomous and got all 10 balls in. During the second match Robbe changed their autonomous so they came and blocked McKee’s balls. No 522 couldn’t get balls at all, so everyone just watched as all the balls they could have just bounced off Robbe. My sympathies. During the third match, up comes 522, here comes Robbe to block, and then out of nowhere, comes some other robot, can’t remember, on 522’s alliance and knocks Robbe over on to its side. McKee was able to then score all then balls. Absolutely amazing.

One of my favorite plays was subtle more than amazing. Top Gun was playing defense on a corner goal, against an alliance that didn’t have any good center goal shooters. Top Gun drove into front of the goal, turned 180 degrees and then just sat there with its Victors blinking. A few seconds later, Team 360 (with a very good corner dumper, IIRC) had collected some balls and started moving towards that corner to score. As 360 started to move, Top Gun moved forward about six inches. 360 then spun around and drove off – not even trying to move 1294 out of position. It might have been the brightest single moment in a mildly disappointing tournament, and I don’t even remember if we won that one – but it showed that a good team with a good 'bot respected us enough not to try to drive through us to the goal. It was one of those moral victories we mid-pack teams rely on to keep us going (sort of like scoring five times in three seconds in a match that was then re-run).

My other favorite play was watching the Scallywags (#1359) driving up on the “wrong” ramp at the end of a match to increase the losing alliance’s score. Smart strategy.

Once at BAE I observed a human player throwing a ball which ended up in the other alliance’s robot and jammed their shooter. I don’t think it was intentional, but it sure was an added bonus. :ahh: I don’t know which alliance won the match.

How can anyone leave 25 out of this? I personally loved the skill it took 25s drivers to get close enough to the goal to shoot nearly 10/10 in finals match 1.2 at NJ. Also loved 25s idea to save the autonomous switching idea for the last match.

While watching the Florida regional webcast I saw a team line up their flag with the oppositions shooter, and watched a few balls get deflected by the flag. Very amusing.

Personally, I’m holding out on Atlanta for great plays. How about we get to see another last-minute-503-cap-esque hail mary? :cool:

What kind? :slight_smile:

There is the “Brokeded” caption…
During one of our matches, we lost our left drive on the opposite side of the field. “Whats so special about that?” you ask?
Well, we made it, driving in gigantic arcs and loopdy-loops and other such
cursive-reminiscent patterns all the way back to, and on top of, our ramp. this won us our match by five points.

And the “last stand” type of play…
Another time we were the only functioning robot on our alliance, and we kept 3 GOOD shooters at bay ( they only got 3 balls in) for an entire one of our defensive periods.(in previous matches,each bot managed to sink about 6 of 8 balls shot)

The ever-popular Gracious Professionalism play…
We tore our robot to heck while saving one of the opposite alliances robots from tipping off of the ramp, and probably damaging their robot badly.

And last but not least… the “brute-force-we-shoved-two-robots-ten-feet-into-a-wall-against-their-will” plays:
We saw a dumper and a shooter lining up to score side-by-side and so we pinned the shooter against the dumper, and the dumper against the wall for the last 10 seconds of their offensive period, neither one of them scored a point.
I am proud of our pushing power :smiley:

I have one sweet defensive play. In the finals of the Buckeye Regional Team 272 was able to push 2 robots at once. Neither could get a good shot because they would be spun or pushed out of scoring range before either could begin shooting.

Madison told me about this one, I didn’t see it. Near the end of a finals match, X-Bot (488) was guarding the Cheesy Poofs (253). The X-Bot’s alliance had a pretty big lead, and X-Bot had been able to hold off the Poofs during the last period. With a few seconds left (I think Madison said 5), X-Bot headed for the ramp, leaving the Poofs unguarded. The Poofs managed to line up with the goal and sink enough buckets to win the match in just about three seconds. I think Madison said they scored 18 points in that period. Like I wrote earlier – 253 built an amazing robot.

Well at the St. Louis Regionals… I saw a number of nice plays. Once when we were against 1288, Raven Robotics, it was during all play. The last 15 seconds of the game. Our right side was not riding. We were trying to get up the ramp along with our other two bots. When all of a sudden, 1288 comes driving over with a loaded hopper and scored about 6 shots in a row letting them win the game 48 to 40.

Also, our very first game during the first “real” match day… we had just programmed our autonomous. Since the spot next to the goal (a dumping bot took that), the center spot (a shooting team took that), and we had nothing. So we programmed the bot to just run accross the field and ram the other teams shooting autonomous. It was Team 16, the bomb squad to be exact. Our autonomous went right across, nearly tipped them along with us… and knocked them completly off course. But then… we realized our robot was programmed wrong and our drive in one wheel didn’t nuetralize. So we had a spinning robot of doom just randomly moving placs accross the field. Then later that day… I noticed alot more team using this idea.

Okay last one… We later found out that we could aim our gun at the ground, and roll the balls to the far corner ground goal during autnomous fairly easily. We programmed it… and one team used the ram the other teams robot during autonmous strategy… and stopped directly in front of us. So we were firing 6 balls at a robot point blank range. So we try it again with another match. This time… our chain broke… and our center teams battery died. So right as it started their robot turned left right infront of ours and we were shooting it point blank. Surprisingly… we still won… with a dead battery on a robot and a broken chain on ours. SO THEN, we try it one more time we are partnered with the same team… same exact thing happens… they turned right in front of us. If only we could have had a successful round… It woulda been a huge advantage over other teams.

It was definatly an interesting regional… thats all I gotta say.

That was one heck of a play, i must admit :slight_smile:
as for amazing plays…

I believe that there was one match in the elimination rounds where we were causing chaos during the opposing team’s scoring period. So while we (and Aces High i think) were doing this, 177 lined up on the opposite side of the Field to score a truckload of points without any opposition.
Great play.

Edit: Spelling.

If anyone saw 254 during the finals, they really showed what scoring meant. Though it hurts me a little to admit it (we were up against them next in the finals when they did this), they deserve the credit. Their bot was driven up onto the opponents ramp with a full (about 20 ball) hopper. From there, they proceeded to empty that hopper into the center goal in about 12 seconds, leaving them 80 points above the other alliance.

In the match against us, however, we didn’t let them get enough balls, and so they could only empty about 15 balls into the center goal. It was still enough to seal the game, but not enough to completely level us.

254’s alliances’ last play was my favorite of the regional post-ranking matches. Their two teammates ran as linebackers as the best two “defensive offence” (defending a shoot) plays. It was crazy, 360’s alliance seamed to just bounce off.

In the finals at the Phoenix regonal, the red alliance consisted of two very acurate and fast shooters that could nail the goal in autonomous (team 1241 and the high rollers) and the blue alliance had only one working 3 point shooter, that looked no where near as impressive as red’s. It looked like a sure win for red.

Just as predicted, red won the first match. But on the second match, team 60 coded their robot to go play defence. It went in a bee line towards the red alliances prefered shooting area and managed to knock one robot sideways and block the other robot’s shots at the same time! Meanwhile, a corner scorer (team 1006) scored ten points for blue, and they won the autonomous and managed to use some spectacuar defence to win the second match.

The same thing happened in the third match, blue won autonomous and played the best defence that I had seen at the regonal. At the very end, blue managed to get all three robots on the alliance platform and the crowd went nuts.

Super Job, Bobcats

Bill Pease
Aces High Team 176
2006 UTC New England Champions with team 177 :smiley:

I noticed that the bobcats front section of robot was becoming a wedge many times, yet it was never called.

I think it was the Bobcats defending with you. They were amazing throughout the elimination matches. We (Aces High) were the backbot every round, and we did score a lot of 3 point goals.

Bill Pease
Team 176 Aces High
2006 UTC New England Regional Champions
with team captain 177 Bobcats and team 1124 Uberbot
(an All UTC alliance finally worked :slight_smile: )

At GLR, my team, 1015 made it to the finals. We were ranked number 11, but still got the 8th slot for alliance captains. Of course slots 8 and 1 played each other for the first match. Alliance 1 had two identical robots, 15## and 1114 (I think). They both had autonomous shooters and treads.

In the first of our two finals matches (we lost both…), 1015 was on defense as always during autonomous but couldn’t move the twins because of the treads. But later in the match in our pushing contests, we disabled BOTH of the robots… by detaching their treads :cool:. It was just so sweet to see :wink:

Funny thing was that auton was for lining up to shoot into the center goal.

Az was a very competitive regional this year, all of our matches were VERY close, and I am still stunned that we managed to get the upper hand on the high rollers alliance.

We managed to keep all three opponent robots off the ramp, with 2 wheel drive, and casters in the front. I don’t have a clue how we managed that.

During the quarterfinals at VCU 343 and 975 ran smack into each other and both bots flipped each other at the same time. SOAP probably has the video of this, if you ever want to see it, you should check it out. It’s awesome. I actually happened to be right in the middle of them on the sidelines.

Ya, it was even sweeter when they announced the score…
96-23 for the 1503, 1114, 67 alliance. Better luck next year. :slight_smile: