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Posted by michael on Thursday October 17, @10:35PM
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Jeff Lalo writes "This Guy has built a Lego version of Dean Kamens Segway Human Transporter. This thing was constructed using only Legos, two cheap (~$40) custom sensors and some smart programing using the open source BrickOS for the Lego RCX. The LegWay, as the creator calls it, can balance itself on two wheels and follow a line. Pretty cool for few lego blocks!"

I feel dirty, but I have to admit it’s kinda interesting…

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**I feel dirty, but I have to admit it’s kinda interesting… **

you should feel dirty…

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I’m suprised no one said sand blaster!! Get one of thoes. I think they work really well…

This isnt hard to do, I am a counslor @ FIRST PLACE during the summer and they have two “Lego League” weeks. We built a similar thing yet the kids being age 10-13 couldent really hold their own attentions to work on it.

The lego Beretta and Koch MP5-10 look so much cooler.



So Kamen spent millions of dollars developing the Segway, and then some guy goes out and builds the same thing with LEGOs and cheap sensors. Wow.