Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest

Anyone else in it this year?

I just made it to the semifinals – which means my book beat out (so far) 4750 other novels, and only needs to beat out another 249!

Woot 4 me.

[/braggin’ and happy]

Could you please post a link to your entry?

How do we support you?

Links to the quarterfinalists’ samples (not full manuscripts) will be available at “soon” (I’ll post it when it’s up) – and people will be able to post reviews. Positive reviews are always a plus!

If I happen to become a finalist (in May) – that is, down to the final three – the grand prize is determined by popular vote amongst those with amazon memberships… If/when that happens, I’ll certainly be letting the FIRST community know!

Excerpts are up!

I’d love it if anyone with the time and inclination to help could read the excerpt and write a review.

Thanks for your help!


Do you need a Kindle to read it?

You don’t. The Kindle app is free for just about every smart phone, PC, Mac, etc.

Edit: Typos where words are mashed together are not my fault. The upload process did that to just about everyone. (I’m still grumpy about it, though.)

Thank you to those who have downloaded my excerpt. Twice Shy (excerpt) has broken the top 300 in free Kindle downloads – quite remarkable for not being an entire book.

(I knew if I could leverage even a part of the passion and energy of FIRST toward this contest, I’d crush things… I hope you all pitch in if/when I make the top three, and voting becomes the deciding factor in the winner!)

Alas, I am out in the quarterfinals. Thanks for indulging my blatant self-promotion.