Ambassadoring at Champs

What is the sign up process for ambassadoring at champs? Is it an option for students who are not on Dean’s List? I just want to know how it works and what steps I should take if I want to.

All you need to do is sign up for it on VIMS.

There is no Dean’s List student requirement

Dean’s List students (winners, finalists and semi-finalists) are excellent candidates for ambassador but it is not a requirement.

I encourage you to sign up in VIMS for the position. You can select the days you are available and there is a section for you to specify if there are times you are not available if you need to work with your team.

What do ambassadors do at champs?

We had some at the local FRC regional, and it seemed like they mostly sat at tables looking at their cell phones. I presume they are busier at champs? Are they giving tours to school groups, etc? That’s what the position description sounds like.

(We’ve got a mostly under-16 kids and a couple of 18-year olds, and even an under-16 Dean’s List Finalist, so we are restricted to FTC and Jr. FLL due to their ages).

Ambassadors are usually assgined to give tours to school groups (like you said), but also to act as a guide for VIPs like Sponsors, Politicians, members of the media and other dignitaries.

Having active FIRST students or alumni, rather than FIRST staff, act as Ambassadors provides the VIPs with both a very knowledgable guide, and someone who has personal experiences participating in the various programs. It shows the impact of FIRST to them first hand.

You do not have to be a Dean’s List Finalist to be an Ambassador at Champs. I signed up last year and decided I didn’t want to, but that’s not relevant to me since I was a Dean’s List Finalist. However, my teammate is going to be an ambassador at champs and is not a Dean’s List Finalist.

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