American Choppers

Now i know its not robotics but it close to it, same cut metal do stuff process, anyone watch the show??

Ya, I watch the show almost every week. I am really looking forward to the new theme bike that is based on the new movie coming out called “I,Robot”.

I used to watch it, but it got too repetitive for me.

I always have said, they could keep the same audio for the ‘next week on american chopper…’ thing at the end. It’s always the same. ‘Paulie gets lazy. Senior gets mad. Tension builds. Sparks Fly. The bike has problems. The bike gets done. Next time on american chopper.

I think I saw that episode too

That makes three of us.

IMHO, someone needs to get Senior off Paulie’s back. I mean, slacking off some but getting the job done is one thing. Slacking off and flunking is another.

Yeah, I like American Chopper, and Monster Garage, too. I’m looking forward to the I, Robot bike on American Chopper.

I like to watch it 'cause Mikey Rulez!!!

… and now back to our regularly scheduled programming…


I watched it once at our hotel in Buckeye. (It was the one about the tool-themed bike).

Yeah I watch that show as much as possible. I like the bike they made for American Welding. The one with the TIG welder on a trailer attached to the back of it.

Was already on here at the East Coast Monday night… I fall asleep shortly after Will Smith’s visit to the shop though.

Gotta love … BIG! too. :wink:

I do like the show but I don’t watch it religiously since I’m not a big TV person. While I agree with Brandon that the attitude of the shows is similar I do like the content (projects). They do nice bikes and some of them have been for a good cause. They made the P.O.W. bike for the Vietnam vets. They also built the Santa Bike and then dressed as Santa and delivered presents to some of the children who’s parent(s) were police or firefighters that were lost in the World Trade Centers on 9/11.

I’d love to see them build a FIRST themed bike!!!

I’ve watched the show a few times so maybe I missed something but Senior yells at everyone else about not getting work done on a bike but I have never seen him really work on a bike. He comes out, tells people what they are doing wrong, picks up a tool, starts to work, gets mad, then goes back to his office. I must admit, they do make awesome bikes though, but I prefer Monster Garage.

One of the better ones was the first season episode where Senior and Cody worked together to make the old school chopper. We were able to see Senior showing off some of his bike-building skills, and he actually seemed to be a very good teacher for Cody.

And, as always, the bike was awesome.


Actually, we were talking about the show on the trip to the IRI. It is a pretty close parallel to the FIRST build season. I think it would be cool if a FIRST team got a show like this documenting the build and competition of their robot.

As for me, I watch it whenever possible. It’s a good show.

I like the show, its not my absolute favorite, but its good. I watch when I think about it, but I uasually miss it :-/

I havent seen the I, Robot bike yet, but Im sure it will look cool.

I believe team 294, Beach Cities Robotics, were going to do something similar to this.

For all who dont know, Paul Senior was a pioneer in Chopper building before it became popular. then he started OCC and viola! He’s put his time in, and thats why he pressures paullie to do the same work ethics that he had used.
This show is my favorite. Rock on

It is a pretty close parallel to the FIRST build season. I think it would be cool if a FIRST team got a show like this documenting the build and competition of their robot.

I am auctually in the process of laying out plans to do this in film form for Heatwave 312.

I like American Chopper but I have to admit watching that show has made me a little bit more irritable, argumentative person. I think they need more building and less yelling on that show. American Hotrod seems to be slightly more toward those lines.