Ok im obsessed with American Idol. Who else is watching it this year along with me? Who do u think will go on into the finals and all that?
I’m a fan of Kelly Prickler!


I know American Idol isn’t a popular topic around these parts, but how tone deaf is the American public to keep Katharine and vote Chris off the show? Too many people voting for good looks instead of true talent.

Hoffman, the 2024 American Idol Champ! I see it now…

by then, people won’t vote for looks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just look at the landscape of the AMerican music scene to see that looks rule over talent.

But they’ll vote for 47 year old talentless hacks? Wow, I can’t wait for Karthik and I to battle it out on “International Mid-life Crisis Idol”.

You never know what stupid reality show will appear next. Also don’t forget about Baker and his gang of pigs.

Ok ok I’ll admit I’m watching American Idol this year. Mainly because it seems to be the only time I can get a chance to do something with my mom (even though we have to Tivo most of it cause we’re busy).

AND I KNOW. I loveeee Chris Daughtry and can’t believe he’s gone.

If they play all of their songs as good as they did “hero” down in ATL, I think you’ll have a run for your money!

all i have to say on this subject is now that chris is gone… AI is over… done…

All I have to say is that Alabama has once again produced another great artist.
I like all the finalist. But I’m leaning toward Taylor to win.

My wife and I were both born and raised in Southern California. When I was 41, I got a job offer here in Redmond, Washington. After living my whole life in one place (a very nice place at that – coastal Orange County), I was ready for change and, besides, the job offer looked good.

I told Melinda that there comes a time in every man’s life when he went through a mid-life crisis and then either had to get a 20-year-old blond girlfriend, a Corvette, or do something crazy like move to Washington. Without a pause, she said, “How much is a Corvette?” I love that woman.


The Bama boy won.
2 idols from ALABAMA

YAY to Taylor :smiley: !

HA! When you said Taylor, I thought of Hanson… Where is Grady anyways?? :rolleyes:

Needless to say, I have never watched an episode of that show, nor do I intend to in the future. The only ones I watched were the ones on the internet with the 10 worst or whatever. Those were great.
And back in the day, Paula was my favorite singer, and I won’t watch it just because of her. She doesn’t have the power to draw me into what ever she is involved in that she used to. :ahh:

As far as “making it big” from AI, I love Kelly Clarkson who has had major air play with her CD’s and I love her songs personally.
Most of the other winners i know of have had what? One hit?? Ruben, Clay… Were there any others?

Anyways, It seems the women of AI have more staying power than the men.

Wonder why that is. :rolleyes:

And, time will only tell how this Taylor fella’ will do.
Will we be hearing some original music from him in the next coming months??

What kind of music was he partial to singing in the competition btw??
As in what Genre? Rock, Rap, Country, R&B?
Just wondering what genre he would be most likely to break into when/if his CD hits store shelves, and mp3 players worldwide.

Taylor won, what a shocker, I never saw that one coming (did I mention I was also blind, deaf and dumb?) :rolleyes:

And, sorry to offend anyone, Chris was a jerk

Clay technically came in second to Ruben.

Carrie Underwood won last year and won awards for “Top New Female Vocalist of the Year” and “Breakthrough Video of the Year”, and was nominated for “Most Inspiring Video of the Year”, from the Country Music Television Music Awards in April. Yesterday, she won “Top New Female Vocalist Of The Year” and “Single Record Of The Year”, and was nominated for “Top Female Vocalist Of The Year” and “Song Of The Year”, at the 2006 Academy Of Country Music Awards. I think she’s doing alright. :wink:

Carrie Underwood - w00t.

Taylor Hicks - Rap Star. I could see that working… Someone should try impersonating that combo at the IRI Talent Show. :stuck_out_tongue:

Taylor’s got the soulful Otis Redding/Michael McDonald vibe going on. No one on that show was more genuine and down to earth as he was. Plus he’s almost 30 and has gray hair - Soul Patrol!

A typical Taylor performance

Is that Andy’s stunt double or crash dummy!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Frankly taylor will always be a karaoke lounge singer. Frankly the guy makes me wanna vomit everytime i hear or foresee him “singing”, if you even DARE to call it that. kat at least had a voice and hit the notes correctly, though i don’t think she should have won. if ace, bucky, chris, elliot and the other dude sang better than taylor…it says A LOT. kelly clarkson and carrie underwood are the only people who won AI and have made it…and actually deserve it. Ruben’s awesome, but he doesn’t have the passion to do it. and don’t get me started about clay, fantasia…and so on.

Michael McDonald?!?! The same one that was playing on the big screen at Smart Tech in The 40 Year Old Virgin??

What did Kat sing mostly?? Maybe she’ll make it big too.