American Idol and Robotics?

I was on the phone last nite with a fellow teammate while watching american idol and i said “Wow, that guy that was jumping around like mad kinda reminds me of the driver for Swamp Thing” and she said "Well i dont know who he is but from CD he looks like a nut ball, but wouldnt it be kool if we like got a robot and had a tape player in there and made it “Sing”?

Now i propse a question?

If we were to take this singing robot seriously, who would want to see it and support it?

Hahah weeeee me and my crazy ideas. Since I came up with the “Singing Robot” Im behind it 110%.

Sing? would it sing in binary?

zerozero zerozero zerozero zerozero ONE!

Im still waiting to see all the bots at a regional put on the field during lunch break

and do the auton hokey-pokey!

(usually when a robot sings a little WD-40 on the bearings fixes it right up)

We just need to mount some speakers and synthesizers on all of the robots, and then have a robotic marching band.

Actually, the brass section was easily handled.

I recall the now-departed 1083 last year in Atlanta with a horn they’d put up to the purge valve on their pneumatics system. Made a nice little sound when they let the air out.

those are some good ideas. But My actuall idea was a bit to try and like get on tv with the robot, like bring the robot to an actualy American Idol Audtition

KenWittlief - Im still waiting to see all the bots at a regional put on the field during lunch break and do the auton hokey-pokey!

With all of the artillery pieces that will be built this year, wouldn’t the 1812 Overture be more appropriate? :smiley:

OMG that would be so funny and would probably defently make it to TV. The song would probably have to be “Mr Roboto”

if a robot could sing (I dont mean play an MP3 file though a speaker)

then what would it sing about?

and who would it serenade? another robot? Its creator? the person who plugs in its charger?

it could serenade Dean in atlanta b/c if u have time to design a bot like that and build it on ur bot for this season. if u figure all that out then u prolly have a awsome bot and u would be going to atlanta :eek:

Err it actually signing would scare be, becuase then it has like the power to think and that wouldnt be good. But I was thinking just an MP3 File. It would sing about how much it loves other robots and Simon and Paula (if we acutally do this and bring it to american Idol)

Yeah, it might be a little bit upset about all those times you worked on it with power tools, with no anesthesia of any kind! :ahh:


Yeah i’d be scared if i saw this!!!.jpg

coming at me :ahh: robot or not!!

If we make a singing robot, we had might as well make it dance. Otherwise, it could just be a BLT with a voice box.

That’d be some complicated hydraulics. But I am really serious about this. I think it would be an awesome way to get robotics out there, get on tv , and make millions of people laugh =]

not if you make it dance like me. Then all it needs to do is shuffle its feet across the floor!