American Idol - WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?

Did anyone see last night’s (4/26) episode? I have almost given up on this show, or maybe on America (if America really does the voting). I couldn’t believe the soundwaves coming out of my TV speakers.

First it was Bo Bice singing Gavin Degraw’s “I don’t want to be” I think Gavin Degraw deserves a serious apology for the butchering of his song by Bo on last night’s American Idol. It was out of key and off note and pitching like a roller coaster. That was absolutely horrible. I bet half of the showerers in America can sing better than that. Why is he still on the show? Is he really a potential American Idol? I think not. Perhaps he is still on because the judges like him so much. Why do they keep praising him? He is awful but even Simon said he was good! Simon has totally changed since last season. I think one judge even said it was his best performance! Why do they like Bo so much but not Anthony or Vonzell? Anthony is clearly better than Bo. And Vonzell’s nearly-stellar performance they said was not her best!?!?

And then did you see Constantine’s butchering of Nickelback’s “How you remind me” At least the judges admitted it was bad but it wasn’t just bad it was really bad. He was running and jumping and screaming all over the place not to mention his voice was absolutely terrible And he has such an evil glare into the camera every time they do a head shot of him. This is not a man I want to even see on my television (his image might break it) much less call him my American Idol.

The bottom line is how can you pick someone who ruins a good American song and call them an American Idol. Is an American Idol someone who ruins good American songs? I would sure hope not.

America must be really different from what I think it is, or this show is rigged.

So everyone, please vote for someone else so we can get these two freaks off our quality television program.

About the judges. I can tell Randy already likes who he likes and a performance doesn’t change much for him. His mind is made up. Paula says everybody is good, that is so anoying. Simon is trying to be all nice because too many people hated him after previous seasons but I wish he would go back to his own ways. Finally, even though Ryan Seacrest ca’t sing AT ALL I bet he would make a better judge than any of the 3 up there (because he plays music on KIIS every morning and he know’s what good singing sounds like).

Eh, “reality television” is so whacked.
I just found out my sister is going to be on wife swap and she definately said there was stuff slanted for “dramatic purposes”.

ABC is going to run a special of the American Idol problems. FOX is suing to not show, but I have a feeling that it won’t work. I never liked the show as I don’t like pop at all.

I agree, both Bo and Constantine had off-nights … really, really, off-nights. But they definitely aren’t the worst - how in the heck is Scott still on the show?! And how did Vonzell end up in the bottom three again!? I didn’t particularily like her song last night, but man - she’s got an awesome voice.

Ah well; I’m pulling for Carrie. Go country! :stuck_out_tongue:

The great powers from above have answered my calling. CONSTANTINE WAS ELIMINATED! Hooray! Now all we have to do is get rid of Bo then Scott.

You mean people still watch this garbage?

my thoughts precisely cory :stuck_out_tongue:
seriously though
whats going to happen after the show? the person will release 1 song, get a load of money then disappear… its really pointless

Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken (though he didn’t win … he should have) are doing pretty well for themselves! Kelly has two CDs out and Clay has three or four CDs, plus a book!

sigh It’s my guilty pleasure; I got hooked after the second season. :o I watch three TV shows regularly - Will & Grace, Desperate Housewives and American Idol. Save for those, I hardly ever watch TV!!

I only like The first and second season of American Idool. I havent really watched this season that much. i just heard it was terrible. lol Now i watch Nashville Star when its on.

if i may politely say " Who?"

Kelly Clarkson is awesome! The best thing is she can actually sing (and really well too) unlike most of the other stars (50 cent, Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, etc.) She really earned her status.

Clay Aiken is still pretty present. He was on Dr. Phil the other day.

Ruben Stoddard is gone from the spotlight though. He sung very well but Clay Aiken was better.

Here’s a question: If American Idol wasn’t advertised, shown, or even mentioned, and these people came out with albums, would they sell? Are these “stars” just fabrications of the TV show and not their actual singing/song writing/talent? I don’t have a problem with people going from zero to hero, but after the first season it became very evident that we no longer are doing a search through the Joe Schmoe’s of the world to find the next great singer, but instead those with contracts or not a popular are using the TV show to get them even higher. The concept of the show is flawed at best.

I HIGHLY doubt anyone will remember any of the “Idols” in 10 years, like they do The Who, Beach Boys, Green Day, or others that acutally pulled themeselves up.

They are the winners of the first and second season of American Idol.
Oh, wait, Clay didn’t win! He was the runner up! (So why is he more famous than the winner? hmm…)

This season is the first season I have actually tried to follow. I missed this week’s and last week’s eliminations…But anyway, I’m much more disappointed that Anwar got voted off than Constantine. Anwar is a music teacher, (so he actually has musical talent, as opposed to the ability to sing well) and he made every song he sang his own. I guess now that Anwar’s gone I’ll be a lot less interested in watching the show…

Reality TV is absolutely revolting to me. American Idol is just plain stupid. If these people can sing, then they can try sending a demo to a record company. Not make their “fame” through reality TV. it’s pathetic.

All TV shows these days are reality bullcrapola. It’s ridiculous and repulsive. That new Amish show? Completely preposterous. I’m so angry they would invade these people’s lives to practically humiliate them for our sick entertainment. That’s just one thing.

Everyone wants a taste of fame, sure. But why bother making an idiot of yourself on there? Nothing comes out of it. Try getting attention on the red carpet being a reality TV actor/actress. They ask you to step aside so that J Lo or Johnny Depp can come in to get pictures. Your “fame” goes immediately down the drain, and you’re seen as making a pure idiot of yourself for thinking you can get fame on stupid reality shows.

Disclaimer: This was not meant to offend. If I did offend anyone, I ask for forgiveness. Not my intention.

Yea I agree. The shows sometimes give some entrainment but the more and more of the really shows that pop up the less entertaining they become. Look at what they did to Gilligan’s Island they turned a old family type show into a horrible one, and the worst part is they are bringing it back for a second season. I see the point to American idol to get people who wouldn’t normally try to get a contract a chance to but all the TV hype is a bit to much.

And please refer to Dori’s Disclaimer if my post offended you.

Lets all just go back to watching good old sitcoms and stuff because we know that there is little reality left in reality t.v

I think Scott sould have been gone two weeks ago.
Alabama is going to have two American Idols I hope.

While I’d love to agree with you, the only way to get into the business by sending in the tape is if you have a name or money to back it up. You don’t make it without those. People like those on American Idol have the talent (well, some do…) but can’t get in because they don’t have a few thousand to blow. Record companies typically throw tapes away before listening if there’s no money or name. Trust me, I almost joined a performance group in California, this is why I didn’t.

I hate reality tv with a passion. I even had a website against reality tv but I just stopped updating it. I did like Constantine though, he looked and sounded like Scott Stapp formerly of Creed, my favorite band of all time. I had a robotics meeting and missed his performance but now I dont care, Bo should win though b/c he is the last “rocker”. I wont watch anymore (not like i really did to begin with). Reality tv is really horrible. Almost as bad as soap operas. Sequels of reality tv shows are even worse. I could go on and on forever and ever. But i will spare you all.