American Robot Episode 4

WHen is it gonna come out? I’m like trying to find something to do with my time, no homework tonight. ANd wednesday is American Robot day!!! Please…


I am sorry to say that we are a little behind schedule. Rick and I have been burdened with programming assignment for college that took up more time then we expected.

Also Rick has been out because of medical reasons. So we hope to get it out as soon as we can.

Yeah college is hard…dont worry the episodes will come out. But they will be suprises! YAY!!! That way you all get the quality of good episodes but the wait will be longer. (hey we got a robot to build:rolleyes: )

Check out to see pictures updated daily of our robot.

Another week has come and gone, and still no episode 4…

Come on, guys! I’m in withdrawal! :eek: