Americas Geo registered company?

After installing Inventor and activating it using the website, I received two confirmation emails, one of which gave me my activation code and one of which gave me the contact information about me that Autodesk is storing in their system. The latter of these emails included a rather odd bit of information: “[font=Verdana]Contact Organization: Americas Geo.” I never entered anything like that when filling out the installation questionnaire, and I have never heard of any company by that name. A quick search of Autodesk, the FIRST site and here didn’t find any relevant companies or organizations called that. One of the mentors on my team who installed the software independently received an email with the same contact organization. Does anyone know what the cause of this might be, or has anyone else been assigned this same contact organization?

Thanks, and everyone have fun playing with the new software!

I beilive thats what mine said. I do remember it being something wierd.