Amount of Climbing Teams Affecting Game Balance

Last night, while I was thinking of a possible robot design, I had a conversation with another team member about whether to focus on a climbing mechanism or intake/shooter first, of which we are doing the latter. A key point about the climb we spent a majority of the call discussing was how the large amount of points gained by climbing (as compared to shooting) would have a greater effect on the rankings at our Week 1 event as compared to our Week 5 event.

The key thing about that is that we are a rural, northern Michigan team. We are (at least in 2017 and 2018) mid-range in our area. When we looked at the roster for Traverse City, our home event and the aforementioned Week 1, we estimated that there would be about ten teams capable of a climb.

That lead us into discussing the Week 5 event we are attending at Ferris State University. I realized that the difference in both time and skill of these two events and the teams attending them could lead to vastly different scenarios in regards to the amount of climbing RP and, by extension, the rankings. Is this a reasonable assumption? I’ve never really tried to predict robot abilities and their team’s performance like this before.

Do you think the advantage of having a reliable climb will decrease as the season progresses?


That is a very reasonable assumption as far as having more or better climbers changing the ranking scenario.

I would argue that having a reliable 25 points will never be a bad thing. The advantage may decrease a little, but the disadvantage of not having it is the thing to worry about. If you give up those 25-40 points, you had better replace them elsewhere in your strategy.

See you at Traverse City!


I agree with Basse on this one (take a picture Andy it’ll last longer). However, I would also say that depending on your resources and if you plan to shoot balls, creating and adding the ability to do a chin up climber is much easier IMO that the time it takes for a successful intake and shooter system. This also depends on what role you hope to play in the game for an alliance. The high end shooter making 3s all day long, or the reliable partner who assists and is able to guarantee 25 pts in the endgame during elims?

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You are correct in the game will evolve dramatically as the season progresses.

Shooting will get much better, and then the Wheel of Fortune RP will begin to come into play.

But that being said having a reliable climb never will go down in value. It is 25 points – in other words the equivalent of 8 1/3 upper center-hole power shots, which is difficult to do in an expected time to climb.

At States my strategy kids are expecting an alliance 75 or 90 pt end game to be the norm as all three teams will be climbing every match.

Take a look at this past year. Events like worlds had more ranking points per team than week one events so every RP you get is more valuable early in the season. At the end of last season, there were a bunch of teams that were able to do buddy climbs and not every team perfects their design immediately.

My team has events during week 1, 2, and 5 so a climb would be very useful for us.

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