Amplifying during Autonomous

If you place a note in the amp during auton, does it count towards the amplification? If it does, can you amplify during auton?

Should count for tele, although may need to wait for Q&A for the definitive answer.

As far as during auto:

Can’t cross the line to hit the button during autonomous, so no.


You can’t amplify during auto (if you look at the scoring table in the manual, that’s pretty clear). But, if you score two Notes in the Amp during auto, then you ought to be able to amplify immediately after auto. (But, you can hold onto that and wait until robots are in scoring position.)


That’s the big question we’re wondering about:

*Will Notes scored in the AMP during autonomous light the stack lights for the Coopertition Bonus and Amplification buttons at the beginning of Teleop? *

(or will having the SPEAKER in a de facto AMPLIFIED scoring status during Autonomous disable the stack light trigger for the duration of Auto and require us to start fresh at the beginning of Teleop?)

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Based on the video at 59 seconds, I bet if you ask the question in the Q & A they will say that a note scored in the amp during auto counts toward the amplification requirement.

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Interesting that the yellow light is blinking…meaning it could count for Coopertition (that requires only 1 note during the first 45s). It might be better to start with that and then get into Amplification during Teleop.

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An interesting thing to think about is what if you amplify right as teleop starts with a robot scoring into the speaker right as autonomous end.
Because as I understand correctly the autonomous scoring is extended 3 seconds into teleop.
It will probably still be a 5 points but that’s an interesting possible situation of an amplified auto score.

It is not in the scoring table:

I guess this would also apply to achieve an almost immediate coopertition bonus in the beginning of TELEOP?

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There is a 3-second delay between AUTO and TELEOP to cover this scenario.


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