Amusing Rule Inconsistency - Are All Robots Illegal?

Wow, Time to start making new bumper mounts so that we will be the one team at the event who doesn’t have an illegal robot. Even without this update the bumpers shouldn’t define how your robot is build. They should just be a thing that you have to put on your robot to protect not destroy your ideas.

As I said, Check Team Update 10, it fixes all of the issues.

Ok, for us new guys not understanding some if the intricacies of the rule books, and looking for a clear answer… Our robot is 116 around the perimeter with out bumpers attached as per our understanding of the original rules, and would make it legal. But now bumpers have to be included in the perimeter measurement of 120 inches? We are getting confused and scared because at this point a reconfiguration of the chassis would be all but impossible. So…can some one who has a clear answer help us out?

As others have posted before your post (including the post immediately before yours), Team Update 10 fixed the problem.

R2: Robot (excluding BUMPERS) must have a Frame Perimeter
Definitions: Frame Perimeter … without the BUMPERS attached
R3-a: Frame Perimeter sides must not exceed 120 in (by R2 and Definition, this excludes the Bumpers)
R4: Starting Configuration … with the exception of its Bumpers

Is there any other confusion?

Did no one else build a set of bumpers that fits around the frame perimeter and another one that sits inside??? :ahh:

The definition of FRAME PERIMETER does not include bumpers. The rules were always intended to be written this way. This thread just pointed out an instance where they forgot to specify this. It wasn’t a very serious thread. You’re fine.

We did, but had to add the TARDIS Chameleon circuit to the robot in order to accomplish it. Now we can remove it to save weight. It was also a real power hog.

Do you guys have a lot of free time in the final week of build? We must have made the rules too easy.

I find it funny how people decide to look at the other posts in the forum, before posting a response when the answer to there question is in the forum, and in the rule book.