An early present from me to all of you.

“FIRST is all about learning.” Some of you may remember this quote from the 2004 Kickoff after the NASA truck froze. Oops. :ahh:

I like learning, and I also like riddles. Putting 2 and 2 together, and then mixing them back up for someone else to try and get 4 in a different way is just plain fun. :cool:

With that said: while taking in everything I know of my FIRST life, and applying it… I have the following gift for all of you.

the furnishers are the key an average of 33.5 standard FIRST units of time before the way of life comes to be.

the past has proved this true for the past 525,600 standard FIRST units of time.

What is it you ask?

Why, it is a clue silly… :stuck_out_tongue: But it is not a rumor, nor is it an official FIRST clue.

How can that be you may ask?

Well, I like riddles, and the discovery of something last year made me want to reveal this for some time now.

I don’t want to just come out and say what it is that is in reference to yet… But when the time comes, I may in fact reveal the meaning behind the clue.

For now, all I ask you to do… Is trust me, and have fun with this.

<Moderators look here: Please, if you are thinking about moving this to the Rumor Mill, PM me first, and I will be forced to tell you the hidden meaning. Like I stated before, this is not a rumor, but the truth that I have encrypted - Thanks, Elgin>

Ok…… this cryptic statement is true and there is no misleading information that draws you away from its fact. Elgin told me about this and I did not believe it. He then told me to try it for myself and it worked. We have cryptified it to make it harder to find out and to present a challenge to the Chiefdelphi Community.

NOTE: This is not an official clue from FIRST and is not a rumor.

Alright, since it is a riddle and not a rumor, I’m moving this to Games/Triva forum (with Elgin’s consent).

Happy riddling! :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll start something.

I am guessing that a standard FIRST unit of time is 2 minutes.

That makes 33.5 sFu’s = 67 minutes and 525,600 sFu’s = 2 years.

Other than that, I am currently at a loss.

Nice riddle Elgin, I look forward to the answer. If I can’t figure it out before kick-off.

525 600 minutes = 365 days

while i find more stuff, i’ll edit this post :slight_smile:

The builders are important. It takes about <some time here> before the game starts.
In the past this was true since <some time here>

the way of life comes to be

the kickoff? (the build season = the way of life ?)
so if a SFU is 2 min, and 525 600 minutes = 365 days, 525 600 sfu= 2 years.

for the past two years , it has been proven that the furnishers are important 67 minutes before kickoff.

that does not make alot of sense… :stuck_out_tongue:

In true FIRST fashion, I will be like they are and not reveal my meaning for the hints like they do till kickoff until a currently undisclosed time…

I will say though, that some of you are on the right track :slight_smile: … and some are not. :ahh:

Happy Riddling… :slight_smile:
^ Good catch phrase there Katie.

no! you can not leeave us pondering about this day and night until kickoff, i am already starting to lose sleep over this. :frowning:

the average part is the tricky one i think… if i knew what the past proved for the last two years (assuming that sfu=2 min…) then stuff would be easier :-\

could sfu = 6 weeks ??

I tried that, but it would make the 525,600 > 60,000 years :ahh:. So I do not think that a sFu is 6 weeks.

OK… Fine. I guess we all need some help at times.

Yes. A standard FIRST unit of time = 2 minutes.
(For this riddle anyways)

Happy Riddling! :slight_smile:

Um, it takes Dean and Co. (the game “furnishers”) an average of 67 minutes to finish their speecheratin’ and such before the game is actually unveiled at Kickoff (“the way of life comes to be”), and it’s been this way for two years?

Heck, I’d believe it. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Elgin Clock[b”]
the furnishers are the key an average of 33.5 standard FIRST units of time before the way of life comes to be.[/quote]

So, “The furnishers are the key an average of 67 minutes before the way of life comes to be.”

Alrighty, so something happens 67 minutes before either the game is revealed or the start of the kickoff, and it has happened for the past two years. Does this have anything to do with the frozen NASA van?


**the furnishers are the key an average of 33.5 standard FIRST units of time before the way of life comes to be.

the past has proved this true for the past 525,600 standard FIRST units of time.**

I worked at kickoff two years ago, so I am banging my head on my keyboard looking for the answer. The way of life definetly means kickoff and the six weeks that follow. It is the most common catch phrase.

Furnishers means: suppliers, stockers, or providers according to my Microsoft Word thesaurus, so I’m taking that this means the providers of the materials that are used in the challenge. Like, I guess two years ago, you would have maybe seen something pertaining to the Rubber Maid plastic containers. Last year could have been the rubber kickballs and big yellow balls… I don’t know! :confused:

The key? That’s the only thing I’m lost on. Does this mean the clue?

So, this has proved to be true for the past two years, which I guess could make sense if you paid attention…

:cool: So now I just have to wait and see if I am even close to being on track… Did I mention I am impatient?

~ Jill

The key, you mean Dawn then.

Oh wait, never mind. I’ll just go back and finish watching the complete season 7 of Buffy on DVD that I got this X-Mas. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t have the answer, Elgin didn’t tell me about this.
Besides, even if I did know the answer, I wouldn’t tell and ruin the fun the CD community is having with this. :slight_smile:

Elgin!!! please tell us!!! this is driving me nuts!!! :ahh:

I will share the answer sooner than later.

C’mon people… no more guesses.

This is a sure thing hint, unlike the “Official” 2005 game hint thread.

Okay, here’s my guess.

The game will be revealed 67 minutes after the beginning of the presentation.

That means that the curtain goes up at 11:07 am.

Am I close?