An Exciting challenge announced by SOLIDWORKS - Design a personal flying machine using xDesign and xShape and win $10K - SOLIDWORKS xChallenge

Sharing an email I got from SOLIDWORKS today. There’s a contest for all FRC teams based in the United States. We have to design a Personal Flying Machine (Woo Hoooooo) using their cloud softwares xDesign and xShape. I registered myself and my team members there. Every team member has to register separately. First Prize is a whopping $10K. Seems interesting… Also see videos on their contest website

Pasting the email I received below!!


Dear FIRST Robotics Competition Team Mentors and Members,

Last year, DASSAULT SYSTEMES SOLIDWORKS asked FRC teams in the US to create moon landers for the SOLIDWORKS xDesign Challenge for FRC Teams, with a grand prize of $10,000. We were overwhelmed with the excitement, energy and creativity that all participating teams exhibited while working on their moon lander designs.

This year, we’re inviting FRC teams in the US to put their design and collaboration skills to the test with the SOLIDWORKS xChallenge. We’re challenging all US-based FRC teams to design a personal flying machine , meant for one person’s use, using xDesign and xShape Apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. The 1st place team will win $10,000 , the 2nd place team will win $5,000 , the 3rd place team will win $3,000 , with 50 qualifying runner-up teams winning $500 each. The xChallenge is already ON and runs until December 16, 2019.


DETAILS: Learn more about the xChallenge, read the rules and watch useful videos on our contest website:

WHICH 3D TOOLS TO USE: Using a parametric modeling application called xDesign in tandem with a subdivision modeling application called xShape, teams will be able to create the most incredible models they can imagine.

Once you register for the Challenge, we will invite you to a cloud environment, called 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, and give you access to both xDesign and xShape.

THEME: Watch cool videos called ‘SOLIDWORKS xChallenge 2019 takes flight’ on contest website to check out this year’s theme. You have to design a personal flying machine .

NEED HELP? We have tutorials, tips, and tricks on our contest website, and if you have any questions, you can always email []

FIRST STEP : Register on our contest website. Please note that EACH OF YOUR TEAM MEMBER AND MENTOR FROM YOUR TEAM MUST REGISTER SEPARATELY. You will have to specify your team and its members later during the submission phase. For now, just ask everyone in your team to register.



The sky is the limit for the SOLIDWORKS xChallenge, Or Maybe Not! We can’t wait to see your team’s great designs! If you haven’t registered for the SOLIDWORKS xChallenge yet, you can learn more about it and Register on the contest website

Best of Luck,

SOLIDWORKS xChallenge Team

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