An idea to better improve the First competition...or, at least make it more "hardcore"...

Posted by Hoitt…just Hoitt of team #187 from Derryfield.

Posted on 3/11/99 5:01 PM MST

OK, let me run this shite by ya’ll, so listen up…once we are down to the final 8 teams and their alliences, we take all the other driving teams, and toss them in a pool of lava. Then, once you determine your final winner, you take one person from each driving team per allience (hence, forming a tag team), and toss them into the first ever created “Woody Flowers Satanic Pit of Destruction and Doom”, and let them battle to the death. In this pit will be barbed wire, baseball bats, concrete rebar, NB’s, crowbars, shovels, Singapore Canes, steel chairs, nooses, and the final weapon, hanging in mid air on a hook, is an axe. The only way to get this axe is by climbing a ladder and getting it. The winner of this match spares the lives of him and his allience…the losers…die, and so do the rest of their driving teams. What do you think?
—Stay Metal, Hoitt

Posted by Mike Kulibaba, Student on team #88, TJ², from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional and Johnson and Johnson.

Posted on 3/11/99 11:59 PM MST

In Reply to: An idea to better improve the First competition…or, at least make it more posted by Hoitt…just Hoitt on 3/11/99 5:01 PM MST:

I think you watch too much wrestling!!