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Re: How does disabled mode work?

I have seen the code posted here, and am willing to invest my fix-it window in it. How should I go about modifying the camera’s state machine to allow the sending of SV packets. What do I need to watch out for/be aware of?

Has anyone made any headway in this regard?

My most important question is:
If I use the serial connection to adjust the camera servos, am I still able to quickly receive T packets? And must I use the serial connection for SV packets through-out the match, or can I switch over after drivers gain control?

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Basically be aware of the fact that once tracking is initiated, the camera state machine isn’t doing much of anything except receive while the camera itself constantly sends T packets.

I think that you’d have to rework the state machine to do one of two things. Either constantly cycle through servo command and single-reply color track commands, or set it up to idle the camera, send the SV command, and restart continuous tracking each time you want to change a servo.