An important LOGO MOTION Reminder...

Hello all,

I know it has been a long time since I posted on Chief Delphi in a serious manner, but there is an issue that’s arisen among some people I’ve been talking with that I figured I would make a post about to share on the CD forum.

I am, admittedly, saying this as a member of the Kamen family.

**In this post I represent no team, no other person, and I certainly do not represent FIRST in any way. I only represent my own views and hopes for this season. **

The FIRST logo is a piece of art. Someone (my grandfather) created it. If you’d like to see what it means, see here.

In fact, the official LOGO MOTION graphic on the FIRST website says at the bottom, “Honoring Jack Kamen”, and for that, I deeply thank the GDC. That means a lot to me and to the rest of my family.

Now, why is this important? This year’s game is all about the logo. Dean’s homework this year is all about telling people about FIRST. As such, your team may want to use the logo on their shirt or in some sort of publication.

If you are going to use the logo in any sort of team marketing/branding…

please, PLEASE, [size=]PLEASE[/size] use it properly.

The standards are outlined here:

It would mean a great deal to a whole lot of people if you could keep these in mind when working with your team’s marketing or branding, or ANYTHING.

That’s all I wanted to say. Every year I see so many butcherings of the FIRST logo, and honestly that makes me sad. After all, how would you like it if someone misrepresented, or even blatantly ripped off your art/work/robot design? Since this year’s game is focused on it, I just figured all of us here in the CD community could use a friendly reminder.

Thank you for listening.

PS: Just to reiterate (because I’ve gotten plenty of internet hate for it in the past) I do NOT represent FIRST or any team in this posting. My posts are not the equivalent of something you might see from FIRST. I don’t represent Dean, or my grandmother, or my parents… I don’t represent anyone else but myself. This isn’t a rule, or an order. Just a friendly suggestion and a hope.

Libby, thank you for your insights.

I owe my own successes to FIRST. It is the reason why I got into the school I did, and it was my drive behind studying computer science.

This year I have begun pushing my own personal agenda to increase to influence of FIRST so it can have an even greater impact on others. I have open sourced all of my autonomous code and am attempting to train a new generation of programmers through the FRC platform.

Where I am a mentor of FIRST 319, I see my self now as a mentor of FIRST. Now that I have reached the end of my schooling, I am now looking to utilize FIRST once again. It will be a jumping off point for the next phase of my life, my career.

That being said, the rules regarding the FIRST logo were for team use only. I understand that you are not an official spokesperson, but I am still curious about your opinion. I want my endeavorers to reflect my dedication to FIRST, and would like to use the FIRST logo, not for my own marketing, but to market FIRST.

…curious about your opinion :slight_smile:

btw do you have examples of misuse of the logo?

Not sure exactly what you mean by this. While the linked page is addressed specifically to teams because that covers the vast majority of uses of the logo, the standards in the “FIRST Branding and Design Standards” apply to all uses of the logo. Use of any properties trademarked or copywritten by FIRST including the logo must follow the standards set out in that document.

Additional information regarding usage of the FIRST brand is located on this page

This is the document that outlines the rules.

Right now I am working on a project with the intent to spread the word of FIRST. Whether or not it will be a nonprofit or for profit I have not decided yet, but that document discusses both.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Thanks, Libby. Earlier today I sent an email to my state senator’s staff. They are working to help promote FIRST(with a little “r”) in Arkansas. I had to edit an official resolution and give them a little lecture on the “branding” and logo issues. I was kind of horrified, but I am really glad I gritted my teeth and did it.

Hopefully, we make your grandfather proud. I know you do!

Great reminder Libby, especially this time of year when teams are designing t-shirts and other forms of media.

Following the logo standards helps keep the message of FIRST strong and properly coordinated.

Not to mention honestly legal.