An Impossible Dilema

Each week I’ll post a new so called “impossible” dilema, and you all will have to try to think of the best way to solve this dilema.

The First Dilema:
How would you unscrammble a scrammbled egg?

glue the shell back together and fill with egg (not exactly in that order)

hopefully the yolk and the white are different densities.
If so, I’d get out a trusty centrifuge, and go at it! Then I’ll really separate it!

Cook it, feed it to a female chicken and wait til she lays eggs

Is that a form of cannibalism? :eek:

My bird used to eat all sorts of stuff… eggs, meat… Once I actually caught her eating our thanksgiving turkey… the thing is, she was inside of the bird!

Anyway I would unscramble the scrambled egg by…uh… creating a way to renature the proteins.

I would… um… hire Oompa Loompas! Yes,* they* seem to like menial tasks…

Simple: Go back in time to when the egg was unscrammbled!

I have a feeling Humpty Dumpty is taking notes on this thread.

I suppose it’s like getting movies at a motel - you just call the front desk and ask the clerk to unscramble it!

I deny that you egg is scrambled and insert my own egg to replace it.

Cook it, and then cut all of the yellow off of the white.

Second Dilema:

How do you create a large forest in a single day?

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Place your order for one large forest
Step 3: Relax and await your shipment

As we all know, going extremely fast in space slows down time. Thus all you need to do is plant some seeds, get on a spaceship that goes much faster than any ship we have built so far, and go into space. When you feel that about 23 hours have elapsed for you, many years will have passed for earth, and you can return to find your beautiful forest fully grown!

You would probably have to talk to dave about how to obtain an orbit fast enough to slow down time so that an hour for you is a year in space, but those are all just details. You may also want to leave someone back on the planet as a guard to ensure a highway bypass is not built through your forest before your return.

Find Johnny Appleseed

You go to a pre-existing large forest, nail a sign down that says “Created by Michael Hill.” I then proceed to call you over, when you don’t know any better.

spray paint Cuog over Michael’s sign while summoning everyone

Get a couple thousand dominos and stand them all upright (Forest: Def; a thick cluster of vertical objects) :smiley:


Simply redefine “large forest”.