An inquiry on the inventory list

I was looking at the list of parts in the kit of parts, and I noticed there are two USB’s listed. We only have one and the list is not very specific. It says “Teams who have competed” and the second one says “Teams who did not compete.” What does that mean. We received the Competed USB. I was just double checking if we should get the other one as well…was not very specific.

There should be a USB for teams that competed last year that just updates some of the software.
A second USB should be for teams that have not competed in a couple of years and lack a lot more software.

We were puzzled about that too. And then we realized that the descriptions were cut off. You should have received only one USB drive.

It looks like it was supposed to say “for teams that competed in 2011” or “for teams that didn’t compete in 2011”, but it got cut off.

I think the lost words were supposed to refer to 2010. That was the year teams got the E09 classmate, which requires a different image from the E11 classmates supplied afterward.

We bought our own E11 last year, so we’ll have to copy the USB drive from a local rookie team in order to image it properly.

Team 4328 (rookie) was given the E09. The rookie teams around us that I have found all received the E09… so we’re stuck right now. Any advice or suggestions to getting an E11 QUICKLY?

email first and or call first and see what they say. team 2531 had the same problem last year we were given the E10 last year and needed the E09 so it is confusing but call first or email them and ask what to do they will tell you and that should solve your problem