An invitation for HS Juniors

Posted by Vince Wilczynski.

Engineer on team #124, Whalers, from New London / Montville/ Williams School and Notheast Utilities / US Coast Guard Academy.

Posted on 4/14/2000 2:56 PM MST

Attend an All-Expenses Paid, One Week Engineering Enrichment Program!

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy (Team 124) hosts a one-week, all-expenses-paid Minority Introduction to Engineering program at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT this summer. The goals of the program are to interest women and minorities in engineering and offer a chance to meet like-minded talented youth from across the USA.

While six scholarships were awarded to Teams 125, 181, 186, 300, 343 and 466 to send one FIRST team member to this program, other FIRST team members may compete to attend this program. Since the tenants of the USCGA MITE program are teamwork and an interest in engineering, qualified FIRST participants will be very competitive for this program. An appointment to the one-week MITE program covers all costs for attending the program, including travel.

This one week program for women and minorities, will be held during two separate weeks this summer: June 24 – July 1 and July 2 – July 8.

The MITE program is open to juniors in high school that are interested in engineering or marine science. Using team-based projects, the participants will be exposed to the Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and Marine & Environmental Science disciplines. Each week, 75 talented students will join together with others from across the country to experience engineering and investigate what life is like at a Service Academy. The week will be more than just classrooms, for the students sail, play sports, develop camaraderie, and have fun … all while learning about themselves, others and engineering. Typical MITE participants have just completed the 11th grade, are in the top 25% of their class, and have a B+ or higher average.

For more information about the MITE program, please visit the USCGA web-site ( or call the USCGA MITE Director, Heather Halverson at 800-883-8724. For more information on the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, please see

FIRST team members are encouraged to compete to attend the USCGA MITE program. If selected, the USCGA will cover all costs for students to attend the program.

Interested HS Juniors may apply by sending a cover letter, resume, high school transcripts and copies of any test scores (SAT, ACT, PSAT, …) to Heather Halverson by April 29, 2000. A student that is interested in competing for a position should highlight their FIRST experience in the cover letter and on the resume. In addition to noting academic success, the resume should highlight the student’s participation in extracurricular activities such as sports, band, journalism, community service, and of course FIRST.

These documents should be sent to: Heather Halverson, Admissions Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, 15 Mohegan Ave., New London, CT 06320. Candidates will be selected the first week of May and immediately notified.

FIRST and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy:
The USCGA has participated in FIRST since 1994 and is now in the second year of the USCGA FIRST MITE scholarship program. In 2000, the USCGA team, partnered with the regional power company (Northeast Utilities) and local high schools, seeded 22 out of the 269 national teams. FIRST is used as part of the USCGA Mechanical Engineering curriculum, and the cadets receive academic credit for their FIRST participation. We are excited about increasing awareness of the USCGA MITE scholarship program among FIRST participants, since these talented youth are the type we want to recruit. Just like a sports coach recruits players, I am a scholars coach recruiting academic talent.

For additional information:
Please call Heather Halverson, or myself: Vince Wilczynski (860-444-8678), Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Former FIRST Robotics Competition Director (while on sabbatical from USCGA 1998-1999) and Team 124 Co-Leader.

Thanks - Vince