An opportunity to "Thank" Autodesk ...

I know we are all very grateful for the generous support FIRST has received throughout the years from Autodesk … well here’s a way we can say a small “thank you” for all that donated software and other resources.

You all know that this community has some big time voting power - as demonstrated when we all came together and voted the FIRST story “Amadou’s Story” to be broadcast on the CBS News last May.

I was reading one of my recent copies of NASA Tech Briefs (FREE* subscriptions available here - this pub filled with some amazingly cool tech stuff!!*) and I saw that they are currently accepting votes for their Annual Reader’s Choice Awards. The “nominees” consist of the 12 “Product of the Month” winners that were chosen by the magazine’s editors, and one of those is Autodesk Inventor 11 CAD Software. I can’t say for sure that none the other competitors are more worthy, but we have definitely recieved an incredible amount of support from Autodesk, and here is a chance to give just a little back.

I can say from personal experience that the Inventor product is a fantastic tool - an incredible value when compared with the “big boys” of heavy industry, most of which cost may times more. I have made my living over the past 25 years working on various CAD systems … I know a little about this subject.

Anyway, please join me in showing a little love to Autodesk. You can vote at You will only need to enter your name, a company name, and an email address - then vote for your choice. All votes must be submitted by January 19.

** Dave L. may be able to chime in on this. Not sure what their policy is for students - I know any professional in the engineering community can get a free subscription (printed or electronic).

Thye sure do deserve much much more then those 5 clicks each of us can do…

Voted -
Thank you, Stu.

done, thanks for alerting us!


I voted.

I voted.

Also, Stu’s right about NASA Tech Briefs being filled with cool stuff. I’ve been getting it for ages and find something interesting in every issue. A good place to see some of the basic research, gizmos and nuts & bolts stuff they do.

i voted

GO! Autodesk!


Great thought, Stu!
Voted =)

I just voted…Go Autodesk!

Autodesk products are the best and that’s why I voted for them.

My vote is in.
Cyber Blue’s success is due impart to our reliance on Autodesk and what it offers.


I Voted …

Done. Stu rocks.


I think this page may have been down for a while, but its back now … Voting continues thru January 19, so please keep it up - and lets hear about it …

I forgot to post a couple weeks ago. I voted and sent it to the team.