An Unfinished MiniBot: Sebs Jr

Hi all!!

I’ve been wanting to design a minibot for a while now and after seeing all the other designs that people have been making I figured I would design one as well. However, between work and spending time with family and friends, I haven’t had a ton of time to design it, so I am just posting the current unfinished design and will post updates as I continue to work on it.

For this robot, I had a couple of goals:
Less than 18" square
Under bumper intake(s)
Be able to score into the speaker from most positions
Climber (coming later)
Amp (coming later)

I honestly didn’t realize how difficult this would be when I started this, but so far I have been able to create an insanely feature-dense robot.

Link to CAD files
Sebs Jr. Specs:

Starting Config: 18" x 18" x 14.5"
Weight: Not measured yet

Current Features:
Modified MAXswerve with an Extra High 3 gear kit
One-sided under-bumper intake
Pivoting shooter to score from any distance
Storage for 2 notes
2x Kracken shooter
Dead axel rollers for intake and magazine

Future features:
Double-sided under-bumper intake
Climber mounted to the shooter
Amp bar to allow for scoring in the amp
Possibly more to come later

With this being a work in progress, there are a lot of issues with the current design that I am working on, so if you have any feature suggestions or ideas on how to make it better, feel free to let me know, I will really appreciate it.

I hope you all enjoy this design!


So cool! If it’s completed it will probably be the most successful mini-bot in history because CRESCENDO does not require big robots.

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If you are controlling the top and bottom wheels separately you likely won’t need a bar to get consistent amp, by making the bottom wheels spin faster you can get the note to enter the amp pretty much vertically. (See 9496 and 3006 for good examples of this in practice) Besides that, you would likely get better shooter performance from running polycarb/aluminum rollers wrapped in grip tape (see 1690), which may also allow you to package your shooter a bit smaller


Here is my progress on my eerily similar version that is 16x16

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Wow! That is very similar!
How wide is the intake in it?

Too narrow, it is 7" between the center two dark blue plates.
For the shooter the inner width is 6.25"

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Little Update:

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Why is the rack and pinion that drives the shooter angle placed in such a way that the shooter can not angle up?

It is a little odd but it is the same way 1690 and @AndrewD8724 did it where you have the pinion on the shooter instead of the base side.
The roller on that shaft also has bearings on it so it is not connected.

I have also been making changes to my bot

I was able to make the intake double-sided, add a hard stop for the shooter, and lower the starting config by an inch so the starting config is now 13.5 in. I also found mounting locations for the spark MAXs that are used for the drive base and intake ( I still need to mount the ones for the shooter but I know where they will go). I added swerve covers to protect the wheels and to guide notes into the intake and mounted the main breaker to them. I also added rollers to the side of the shooter to help guide the note through the transition and to make sure it doesn’t get caught on the corner.

Some renders of the current design

I still have a lot more changes that I plan on making, but this has been coming along really well and I hope you are all enjoying this design so far!!


In theory the my robot could be built in it’s current state(all things fit, and all rollers are powered)

I also too a look at how the robot could self right. with such a small robot keeping the CG low is very important but your will still get knocked over no mater how hard you try. (see 2910 in 2023 at IRI)

The by looking at the CG in the CAD it appears these two positions are bot stable(the robot will not self right). If the robot is fully on its’s back it can self wright by moving the shooter all the way back. So to get out of these two positions you need to either get fully on your back or directly pushed on to your wheels.



Fully on it’s back-self write position:


Ah. The ol’ 330 flip. Love it.

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Yes! This is very close to that.
Also why do I know about 330’s 2016 robot’s self right :sweat_smile: