Analog Breakout Board

We were wondering why our analog breakout board was missing the three prongs that when you add the jumper, gives you the battery reading in the driver station. Is this a bad breakout board we received or is it not needed anymore?:confused:

Do you have the ability to post a picture?

I believe the new breakout boards just work. I don’t think you need the jumper anymore.

The kit has new version, does not need the jumper to get voltage to dashboard. This is stated in the robot manual or the control system description and there is picture of both old and new models.

See R70.

This was a matter of several years of debate that was only satisfied by the KoP surveys. That jumper / selector allows a team to use up to 15 analog sensors. Without it, only 14. However, the cost is that many teams forget to put the jumper on, which can cause match delays.

After running the numbers, we decided in favor of simplifying the user experience. If you absolutely need that extra channel, previous years’ breakout boards are still completely legal.