Analog Breakout

Does the Analog breakout board need additional power when it’s in the cRIO?

Might want to look at the drawings…


found here:

shows some wires connecting it to power.

Also might want to read at least the Robot rules (section 8)

We ran in to a unique problem - the solenoid breakout board we have is Rev 4 that says “Power 6-20v”. So how does one get 24v from this?? I understand Rev 3 says “Power 6-30v”, and that would drive the 24v Festo valve just fine. Anyone else have this issue?

Team 3145


I would post your concern to FIRST on the official Q&A.



After some time on the phone with various companies, I finally found a very helpful Kate at FIRST. She confirmed that this Rev 4 board is actually mis-marked and should say 6-30v like Rev 3 does. I posted the question on the FIRST forum and it should show up answered soon.

Thought I’d share over here too!


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