analog input on the cRIO, can it handle voltage?

Hi i’m on a rookie team and are having trouble finding this answer. Can a 9403 analog input on a cRIO, get voltage and/or ground digital inputs? Any answers or reply’s would be helpful at this point. Thanks!

You mean the 9201? Yes, that module can read voltage input, and ground too, though ground may be a little boring.

Could you elaborate as to what your goals of reading voltage and grounds are for?

With all due respect, your question does not make sense. The 9403 takes a voltage input. If the voltage is over a certain threshold (2.7VDC I believe) you read a ‘1’. If the voltage is under a certain threshold (0.7VDC I think) you read a ‘0’. The 9403 has 32 such channels that can input or output voltage. In practice the channels are dedicated to specific purposes (PWM, Digital I/O, Relay I/O, I2C etc).

Do you want to input an analog voltage and determine the absolute value? The 9201 module has 8 channels of analog inputs (1 is taken up by the battery measurement).

There are manuals for the devices on the breakout modules online at .