Analog Input tied to Accelerometer on Cypress

I’ve set our driver station up and installed the mandatory update. Now I’m trying to get all the I/O ports confirmed working. I used the PSoC Programmer to load the “FRC_IO.v2.hex”, but I have run into a problem. The 8 analog ports displayed on the FRC Driver Station in advanced mode fluctuate with acceleration in the Z axis.

I am not sure if this is a configuration problem or if it is a problem with the hex code itself. Has anyone run into something similar to this?

Thanks in advance.

Do you have anything plugged into the analog inputs when this is happening?

Yes. I’ve run into this. Although it’s not anything to “run into”, per se. Because the inputs are high impedance, if you have no source wired to an input, then the previous input voltage will still be lingering around in the sample and hold capacitor. Because the accelerometer and the analog inputs are on the same analox mux, you will see the last channel of the accelerometer (Z) on the analog inputs.

Nothing to worry about.