Analog Module?

Our team was wondering if we are able to plug the analog module in any other slots, as the only space for the crio on our robot needs all the modules hanging around the back of the Crio (using slots 4-8). When we take a look at the driver station javadoc, it has a final value for the analog break out at slot 1.

All we use our analog module is for the battery voltage, if it is not possible to change the slot we are also wondering if it is required during the match

See <R61>.

There is no requirement that the analog breakout be connected directly to the NI 9201 module. You could purchase or make a 25 pin ribbon cable and relocate the analog breakout while keeping the 9201 module in slot 1.

In the past we’ve use a ribbon cable, and relocated the analog breakout into a separate plastic box to protect both the module and the connectors. However, I don’t think that is what was being asked.

According to “How to Set Up Your Robot Control System”, the cRio can be set up with 9201 (analog) modules in slots one and two, 9403 (digital) modules in slots 4 and 6, and a 9472 (solenoid) module in slot 8. The document also says you have to attach the analog breakout to the module in slot one. From what I can see this is not exactly true.

Example: To create a new gyro you would normally do

Gyro spin = new Gyro(1);

Where “1” is the analog channel, the first analog pin on the analog breakout. But you can also do

Gyro spin = new Gyro(2,1);

where 2 is the second cRio slot, and 1 is the 1st channel/pin on that slot.

To me this kind of implies you can move all your analog stuff to slot two, digital stuff to six, etc.

Haven’t tried it myself (we don’t even have a robot yet… don’t ask), but might be worth looking into.

You can also put a 9472 in slot 7. I guess the document you are reading is 2 years old.

There are several problems with this. The battery voltage is read from slot 1, therefore the battery jumper must be installed on the analog bumper on slot 1. The Robot Signal Light must be connected to the digital sidecar on slot 4. The gyro accumulators are only connected to the first 2 channels of slot 1.


Nope, actually that was from the 2011 :slight_smile: But nice to know… so what is slot 5 for?

Slot 3 and 5 are not configured for anything in the FPGA.