Analog Pressure Sensor Labview

Hello, We’ve got an Analog Pressure sensor installed on the robot. plugged into Port 0 of the Analog Inputs of the Rio. We have never seen an example of how to get the Pressure sensor to read, and so we are shooting in the dark based upon other examples of sensors. Here’s what we show so far, but don’t have anything to show on a dashboard for it.

Also I was reading there needs to be a Voltage Conversion to PSI. What/how is that done? I found someones old example of conversion on Delphi here: Analog Pressure Sensor Labview Programming

All that looks good but the manufacturer of the analog pressure sensor should be able to give you the conversion factor of volts to PSI. So in in the teleop example you’d multiply by the conversion factor after you get the voltage to get the PSI.

You’re only sending the value to the front panel of the

If you want to see it on the Dashboard, you’ll need to send it via network tables (those NT VIs you see elsewhere). That’ll make it appear in the table of variables. If you want it to appear otherwise on the dashboard, you’ll need to make your own dashboard project and put an indicator on it that reads from the network tables.

If you’re just using it to get a look currently, run your teleop VI and look at the front panel while your code is running. You should see updates there.

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