Analog sensors on Talon SRX not reading full scale

Hi folks,
We’re trying to use Talon SRXs in CAN mode, with the am-2899 Absolute Encoder connected via the am-3281 Universal Breakout. The breakouts are set in their default 5V state.

The trouble we’re seeing is that the analog value read by the SRX never goes to full scale before wrapping back around… Usually we see ~880 (scale is to 1023) and then jump to ~12. As a test, I removed the sensor entirely and jumpered + to S, and got a value of ~900 – Still well short of full scale.

Does anyone know of any tricks to calibrate the sensor input?

I have found that just reading raw is often times better then scalling encoder values. But that just my opinion,little faster machine wise then to do that calculation.