Analysis of 2024 Einstein Finals

I have annotated the action in the Einstein finals so we can fully appreciate the tremendous game play from 6 great teams. While it is easy to see how the matches could have turned out differently, I don’t intend for this to be used for finding any fault since this analysis took 50 times longer than the actual matches. I’m amazed at how well the teams performed under the pressures of being in the Einstein finals, limited visibility, imperfect knowledge of the score, surprises on the field and the need to make split-second decisions.

Here are a few observations to consider as you explore the data:

  1. In Final 1, the amazing defense of 321 against 1323 had a double impact by starving 254 and forcing them to alternate between cycling vs. cleanup.
  2. Defense against 1323 and 254 was more effective because they were full size bots.
  3. In Final 2, the Daly offense was delayed for 19% of teleop while Newton was delayed for 30%.
  4. Even with the extra delay in Final 2, the speed of the Newton offense allowed them to score the same 8 amplified notes as Daly, although Daly also scored one non-amplified note.
  5. Had Final 2 been a clean match with all bots climbing, Daly had a teleop advantage of 2 points from the non-amplified note while Newton had an auto advantage of 5 points for an overall advantage of 3 points. These were two very closely matched alliances!
  6. The timestamp for each scored note is when it left the shooter, even though the amplification button was pressed 2 seconds later as it entered the serializer.

2024 Einstein Final 1.pdf (59.6 KB)
2024 Einstein Final 2.pdf (57.5 KB)


Huh. I didn’t notice the foul from 1323 in Finals 1

Very nice and detailed!

This is very interesting! I love to see such a data-and-statistics-centric approach to analysis, it’s quite different from my approach which is largely qualitative and based individual robot techniques which a bit of overall alliance strategy. I’ve definitely analyzed a match or two where I regarded the performance of one alliance much higher than that of the other, and yet the final score was remarkably similar - this depth of objective action analysis would likely reveal where that came from.

I’ll post some pictures of my notes from the season later this afternoon. I primarily looked at the finals of CHS Severn and a few odd California regionals.

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