Ancient Video Footage?

Does anybody have any archived match footage like home movies or any type of video from or before 2003? I have read many of the rules and seen some pictures here and there and the field layout, but I have never actually seen any of these ancient matches take place.

If you have a video and are unable to share it due to technical reasons PM me and I might be able to help you with some alternate solutions.


Video from 2002:

It also makes me feel old that '02 is considered ancient. j/k

i have a video of our mathes at KSC in 2002 and 2003. but the problem is that they are on video, and i don’t have the equipment to change it. and there are achived videos somewhere on NASA, but i dont know how easy they are to download b/c i haven’t tried.

if u want a link, i can find u one.

Ditto… I have tons of footage from 2002 and before, just no means of changing it over to digital.

just for fun I did some googling…not much useful on this page (dead links and and the fact that not much video was on the internet in 1999), but look at the name on the bottom, maybe the contact could help find some lost footage?
We are currently uploading as much video as we have from 96-07. Have fun!

Plus we have 4000 GB of bandwidth each month. Feel free to download or stream everything.

The SOAP Team has 2000, 2001, and 2002- Florida, Chicago and Nationals on DVD-R.

We also have 1996 and 1997 ESPN footage.

KA-108 :cool:

If you have a way of taking vhs and making a digital copy of them… I can get you video of matches from most every year from 92 through 02.

We can.

Oh dear… if 2003 is ancient… I think Im a dinosaur!! I have some old videotapes… maybe even from 95/96!!! I’ll see if maybe Ed can wipe the dust off and help us convert…

I have 2 videos so far

A Promotion Video from 1997 (we are in it for 2 seconds as team 36)

And the midatlantic regional from 1998


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Jake Warren, noted alumni of MOE 365, has posted on Google Video several older videos from 2000 on. His “The Miracle Workerz 5th Year Anniversary” ( shows parts of matches from 2000-2003. (There’s a lot of 2001, but Jake was the driver when MOE won the National Championship that year, so he may be biased).

Check out his other videos - search on Jake Warren and you will see them (a lot on the second and third page). Included is his wonderful closing video of the Philly 2005 Regional. There are also videos of Bok 563 in Atlanta in 2006 - he mentored them while he was at Drexel. He is now working for Talon Robotics. We miss him!

Well it is going to have to wait a while until after spring break because the only person with a key has gone home already. How would you go about doing it?