And Finally, A Water Game!

2009 is the year we finally see a water game.

Haha… Dean’s magic water saved the day!

You know you have bad field problems if both Dean and Woodie come out to try to fix them… :slight_smile:

Hey didn’t you see all the tears flowing when a teams HP cost em the match?
Thats about as close to a water game I think we’ll see.

I feel somewhat obliged to point out as the self appointed defender of the “90s Era” (this is what I have recently decided to refer to the Pre-2001 era of FIRST as) that at one point in time we were a WHOLE lot closer to a water game.

It was a period of true competition, alliances had yet to be formed, and there were no qualification rounds, before coopertition and G14.

In 1993 “Rug Rage” the playground balls they used were filled with water to make them roll in a funny way. You will find few who will actually confirm this to you, but it is referenced in a 1993 interview that Dean Kamen did with Barbra Walters. Perhaps next time I’m home I will try to put it up on YouTube.


The only reason they don’t have a water game is the electronics factor. Shorts would be a problem in almost every match, and the pool could become charged.

This has been covered before. Dave posted a while ago about a rained-on demo at JPL, the year before the L.A. regional started. Seems that all the robots just kept driving through the water, no problem.

You just have to insulate all the electronics.

Oh, yeah, while I’m remembering: is a site you might want to check out.

Thanks for bringing that up Eric, Steve and I are working right now on trying to set up an “adult” team to enter this year’s NURC! and I’ll mentor the NERDS, too.

Actually there’s about a hundred problems other than electronics, which have been discussed to death in nearly as many threads.

I remember this! My dad mentions it every time I make a water game joke. Consider it confirmed.

I was sitting up in the nose bleed section when I saw dean come out on the field, along with multiple other volunteers sacrificing their ridiculously overpriced stadium water to ‘fix’ the field… way to go dean and woodie xD

I was on the alliance was up next, we spent close to one hour next to the field waiting for the match to be played. (the other match took 4 times till they got it right!) We were even asked to buy them time and entertain the crowd!

This was where the DJ shined. Each song he played (or accepted a request for) during the delay, from Sandstorm, where our alliance went out and “boogied”](, then Bohemian Rhapsody, and the YMCA. Each song had was fun and/or crowd pleasing, and made the delay much more bearable, in my opinion.