And Now for Something Completely Different - Charity Dodgeball Tournament - Warren MI

Hello, Future Dodgeball Team!

  • Are you beaten down by Destination: Deep Space?
  • Got some beef with other teams?
  • Need to take out some anger?
  • Just love to throw things at people?

If you do, Team 4810 I.AM.Robot and Team 2851 Crevolution would like to invite YOU to the First Annual Charity Dodgeball Tournament! This is a giant FRC-themed charity dodgeball tournament. All net proceeds from the tournament will go to A Beautiful Me, a Port Huron, MI charity that focuses on improving the self-worth of girls aged K-12. More information about this fantastic charity can be found here:

You are not limited to one team from your robotics team; you all can make MULTIPLE teams from your team (max of 3 please). If you want to make an all mentors team to destroy your students, go right ahead! Want to create a team from a bunch of different FRC teams, have at it! All options are fine.

However, this is not just a dodgeball tournament. There will be businesses at the tournament who will want to talk to YOU about your accomplishments in FIRST. These businesses have the potential to sponsor your team in the future. Additionally, there will be seminars held by other teams and businesses that you and your team can attend for free. Our charity sponsor, A Beautiful Me, will also be there to talk to students.

We are aware that FTC kickoff occurs on the same day as this event. Because of this, we will host an FTC kickoff in an auxiliary gym. There is a limit as to how many FTC teams we can have, so please inform us as soon as possible if you know of FTC teams that would like to go so that we can plan accordingly.

If you already know that you want to play, sign up on our EventBrite page!

We hope to see you there!

Team 4810 I.AM.Robot
Team 2851 Crevolution

Charity_Dodgeball.pdf (6.1 MB)


Will see if I can get people to tag along. Am definitely not from Snapchat. Let’s get chiefdelphi famous wOo


let’s make this chief delphi famous


More information about the tournament.

More Info

Can alumni participate?

For sure! Alumni, University Alumni Clubs, Volunteers, and even Mentors.

For more clarity peep the FAQ section on the website: :^)


The charity-robo-dodgeball tournament to end all charity-robo-dodgeball tournaments


if y’all don’t come it’s not very cash money

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wow this seems really cool!!

I love that your inviting both FTC and FRC!

We will be showing the reveal video and providing space for FTC teams to discuss the video and strategy.

Just in - Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel will be fielding a team at the event. This is going to be awesome! Hope to see a bunch of FRC teams there!

Based on feedback we have received we have added single player tickets to the dodgeball page. Now you can team up with others that don’t have quite enough people to make a full team. Thanks!

Our first promo video. Let us know what you think.

Signups for this event will be closing soon. If you are planning to attend now is the time to sign up before the event is closed out. Thanks!