And your fav. show is???

Yeah Yeah, i see lots of people watch anime. Its okay I like it too! okay. Well, since this is “chit-chat” i guess we can just talk about our fav. anime show! okay. Thank you for your post! ** :smiley: -Fancy*

I don’t know if this counts as anime but I used to like Salior Moon.

I don’t watch a lot of anime, mostly the guys watch it at LAN parties and as long as I’m there I do too, but I recall liking ROD. Well, that’s the only one I can also remember the name of. There’s others that I liked I just don’t remember what they were called.

yeah that’s an anime… while i’m here, the R.O.D. movie was cool, (but the show IMHO blows) I’m right now trying to get the whole series of .hack//SIGN, .hack//Legend of the Twilight, (it was originally .hack//DUSK) and Banner of the Stars II. ever since I saw Full Metal Alchemist in Japanese class, (2 eps) I’ve wanted to see sooo much more of it.

I usually like the science fiction movies and such including

Ghost in the Shell (including the Stand Alone Complex series)
Fullmetal Alchemist
Cowboy Bebop
Animatrix (probably not a “real” anime, but I don’t care!)
The Dragonball series and movies
And some series that involve giant robots :stuck_out_tongue: , Hence the Optimus Prime avatar.

Then some shows I watch because of pure weirdness,
Super Milk Chan — I don’t know why I watch this, its just when I do, I watch the entire thing.

Crud, you asked for one show did’nt you? Apologies from me :slight_smile:

Nancy, this has already been talked about, you should search before starting new topics. I searched for “favorite anime” and got these threads:

macross zone
gundam W

w00t initial D!