Anderson cable help

We recently picked up a bunch of Anderson cables and we cannot figure out how to use them. Like we crimp the wires and they just won’t fit into the housing

Please cite some part numbers and specifications or at the very minimum create a photo album of where you are right now, so that we can better understand what’s going on.

I’m interested in your wire size and wire strand count, Anderson contact size rating, crimp tool, dimensions/photos of the finished crimp…

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@Thequackmaster might be able to help he is our electrical lead

Are you guys using them from one of the Andymark kits, like this one?

You need to use a special Tricrimp tool to crimp them. Once crimped using that tool the insert must go into the housing so the curve of the insert can hook over the metal plate in the housing. I can make a diagram if you need it, and once you provide a bit more info on what you’re using and what exactly is happening.

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If you’re talking about Power Poles (single wire up to about 10AWG, square, interlocking to make multi-wire connectors, get a Tri-Crimp. It’ll do all three sizes, and though it’s not real cheap, it’s sturdy and consistent and the terminals always fit in those square housings.

If you’re talking about the battery cables, you’ll need more than most 10" long crimp tools can give; they’re usually good at 10AWG and finer. The least expensive I’ve found that do a decent job at 6AWG are:

They don’t make nearly as pretty a crimp as the TRIcrimp, but they also work for the lugs at the battery end of the cable, and I’ve never had a problem with them fitting in an SB50 housing.

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