Anderson Connectors!!!!

My team needs more anderson connectors, does anyone know a site that we can order them from? we have looked at ifirobotics and andymark. can anyone help us, we need these ASAP!!!


This may surprise you, but check this out. At Cabela’s Catalog number is 01-1811.
Not exactly where I looked first, but there they are!

We use red 50amp, 6 Gauge right?

These are also available from Terminal Supply and they are sensitive to your immediate needs. The main battery connector is the 50 amp RED body. There are two types of terminals for this connector. The locking type is not supplied by FIRST but work fairly well. The stock type is what is supplied in the kit. Crimping is critical on these terminals so if you don’t have the required crimper follow up with soldering before assembling.

They are also available here.

Are you sure, I thought the main connector was a 175 amp dual powerpole connector. After all why would first give us a 120 amp breaker and 50 amp connectors?

Take a close look at the marking on the connecter, all will be revealed. The reality is that the 50 amp connector, when not abused, can handle the current of a normal robot for a two minute match without self destructing. Any abuse (scratching the surface of the contact, misalignement, etc.) or inefficient robot design will heat the connector. The 50 amp rating is continuous current draw as is the 120 amp rating on the circuit breaker.

We made the fatal error and bought five of the 175 AMP connectors and promptly found out that they are the wrong size. Buy the 50 Amp ones instead.

That link is NOT the right connector.

They are 50A SB-series red connectors. The red connector on that link is an SB175, and the blue SB50 will NOT mate with a red SB50. Each color is keyed differentally for the SB series, but the powerpoles are not. As others have stated they are indeed the 50A connectors, and are SB series, not powerpoles.

The 75A PowerPole contacts are the same as the SB50 50A contacts. Tells you something about the current rating…

You can get the contacts from McMaster (the 75A powerpole ones), but if you need the entire connector aseembly you are best off with terminalsupply co, powerwerx, etc.

Hey there. Try… I use them to order for work needs. They are very good about shipping-track#'s and pricing. Good Luck. shane