Anderson Power Pole on TE Connectivity

Hello everyone,

We’re looking to use our TE Connectivity voucher and one thing we’re in need of is Anderson Power Pole connectors, model PP45. As found on Andymark.
Linked below are connectors that seem to be what we’re looking for but are not Anderson brand. Looking at the drawing and measuring what we have, dimensions seem to be the same and they look VERY similar.

I’m also having a hard time finding the crimps. These are what comes up when I search the Anderson part number (261G2-LPBK) but they have the wings.

Does anyone have experience purchasing these connectors from TE and can confirm if they are compatible with the Anderson Power Poles?

We have them linked on our voucher and FIRST choice guide

45A AMP Power Series Sample Links

I hadn’t seen the 45A contact you linked may need to try those and see if they work when you clip the wings.

Also of note I heard that these don’t mate as tightly as the Anderson PP connectors. We always ziptie around our connectors anyway so we haven’t noticed a difference but it is something we are keeping an eye on.


Thank you for the info! Very helpful guide in getting the most out of the vouchers!

Of all the places to save a few cents on the robot (literally cents), an electrical connector is almost certainly the worst.


It’s not that we want to save a few cents. We just want to use the voucher on something we’ll actually use. We’ve got a ton of ferrules already and seldomly use other connectors now days.
If you have something in mind that is of good value on TE let me know and we’ll reconsider.

If you go to the links for the red and black housings and scroll to the bottom, they show the same contact that @AllenGregoryIV provided a link for.

If you go to the page for the red or black housings or the contact and scroll down to “Datasheets and Catalogue pages” and click on the first link, you get a 100+ page catalogue. Searching for the part number Allen provided takes you to a page showing contacts for various wire size ranges (20-16 AWG, 16-12 AWG, 14-10 AWG).

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