Andrew Boldt Memorial Stickers

As many of you probably know FIRST has lost one of its beloved alumni in a shooting at Purdue University. My team (5107) were really stuck to hear that a FIRST alumni was targeted and we felt that something was needed to commemorate him and have him remembered always throughout the FIRST community. What we did is we designed a 3in round sticker that we would like to have on every FRC robot this year. We are working with Andy Mark and they seem very willing to sell/distribute these on their website so you can just throw one into your robot parts box. They will be sold at the cost it takes to ship and make them so under a dollar (no money will be made). We are in the process of contacting his family through his FIRST team (1732) to get their approval but in preparing that they would like something like this to happen what we would like to know is how many should be made. Just click how many stickers your team would purchase and spread the word because I want this data to be as accurate as possible. I have attached the design to this post and any questions you have feel free to post below and I will answer them as quickly as possible.

We have asked Andrew’s team and family for permission. We are trying to figure out how many stickers will need to make if everything works out.

RIP Andrew Boldt

Tim Geary
Mentor Team 5107
The Neurotoxins