Android App Update: OPR FIRST 2014

Android App OPR FIRST 2014 is back! Look for an update towards the end of tonight or tomorrow morning!

OPR FIRST is an app that uses online data from past and current regionals to calculate on the spot OPRs for each team broken up by auton, teleop and assists. These stats then are used to predict the outcome of a match by clicking on the match in the match schedule page. Additional statistics such as average points, full rankings obtained from, awards, and team lists are also available in this app. More details can be found on the Google Play store application information.

Updates from last year include revamping the user interface, adding more statistics, and making the app compatible with 2014 (which is still under development but will be complete very shortly).

Thanks for your support! Let me know of any feedback! Hope it helps.
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The real question though, is how useful we think OPR will be as a predictor of robot performance this year.

Based on my understanding of the sorts of things OPR is affected by in the game design, Aerial Assist should be a game where OPR has only a limited correlation to robot performance; not nearly as good as Ultimate Ascent.

I left that up to the interpretation of the user. I originally wasn’t even going to update the app because I didn’t think it would be a valuable stat to have. BUT, the individual OPRs based on Auton, Teleop, and assists may be of use.

But who knows! The only way to tell will be to use my app and compare the predictions with the actual results! :wink:

I’ll release a paper after this weekend comparing so we can see how it works.

Based on the results so far, here is how OPR has held up in predicting the winning alliance in a match:

2014ilil: 77.32%
2014misou: 80.41%
2014nhnas: 68.42%
2014scmb: 75.42%
2014txsa: 81.97%
2014waamv: 83.75%

Average accuracy: 77.88%