Android Apps

I was searching around for apps for my new Android phone and came across Electrodroid. Not only does it have a variety of handy dandy calculators, you can also find pinouts for several types of connectors, and a long list of tables like wire gauge sizes, wire capacity and even a battery life calculator. If you have an Android, check it out.

Also RealCalc is a nice “free” scientific calculator.

Swiss Army Knife has several internal apps like stop watch, timer, ruler, and compass.

Thanks Al.

I’m getting a new android phone this weekend and I’ll have to check those apps out.

FRC Spyder is the BEST FIRST app you can find on the android market, hand down :smiley:

Usually if you open the default calculator app on your phone and turn it to the landscape orientation it will turn into a scientific calculator.

It should be, it was written by one of software mentors.

I really like ANDY-86 which is a TI-86 emulator that seems to be accurrate to the actual model. Another useful tool has been the “flash-light” app that turns my flash into an very bright flash.

There is also Arity calculator.

It is a nice, and free symbolic calculator.
It can do graphs of 1 and 2 variable functions.

Useful for visualizing multi-variable functions in Calc3.
(the 2 variable 3d graphs are very neat to see, it can do real-time rotation and zooming)

Google Marketplace link

I’m working on a android app to control the robot. I’ll post it as soon as I get it working.

Can we get the “Inspection checklist” as an app? :smiley:

You always give me the hard questions! Actually, I have a pdf viewer and also found an Autocad Viewer but I haven’t used it yet. I have found another cool app called, CamScanner that is supposed to use the camera and turn a picture into a pdf doc. I haven’t used that one either.

A couple I have used and found useful during build season is the “Bubble level”. (It’s actually pretty accurate.) “WiFi analyzer” and the “Android Lightsaber” are must haves also.:smiley: