Android Game to teach Robotic

Hi as team 6064 IstanBulls we are working on an android game looks like “who want to be a millionaire” tv show.

But questions will only include mechanic, electronics, programming, FIRST etc. We need other teams to participant for creating big question poll.

Any team supported questions will be represented as question supplier in the game with their social media accounts etc.

Who wants to help on this project can submit qestions from the following link

This looks great! I’d love to send this to my team when it gets finished. Is there any way you can show potential contributors what questions have already been submitted so that you’re not wading through droves of duplicate questions? Also, how will you be verifying the questions and responses?

Thanks Cothron, we are planning to share all the questions after reaching the first goal of 100 questions with the participant teams. Yes verifying questions is another issue to solve. We are designing a objection button to correct if something wrong with answers etc.

Any other suggestions welcomes thannks…

Hmm… might be easier if you also created a document with all of the suggestions so that people contributing questions can see what’s already been submitted. Obviously it’s up to you, but I think that’d make it easier for both parties involved, especially if it lets you get some of the correction s and editing out of the way BEFORE you actually create the app.

Full disclosure: I’ve never actually made an app or anything like this, so I might be totally wrong.

Also, your team name is fantastic. Quality pun right there.

This sounds like an idea which could be a very effective teaching/learning resource.

If you would like any assistance proofreading the app feel free to send me a PM.

Would love to help with Labview questions. :wink:
Cool Idea,

This… because I don’t really understand what you’re looking for, but would love to contribute to and leverage your work.

Thanks friends it is nice to hear that positive feedbacks. We are still working on the scenario and code.

To summarize and update scenario : 5 categories of questions and 3 difficulty levels of each category. Game will begin with 10 basic level questions. Than continues with all level questions comes randomly. 3 mistakes will end the session. But players will have 2 jokers to use (call a mentor, search on Chiefdelphi). Both will show the correct answer.

If someone suspicious about the correct answer will be able to claim inspection on the question through the app.

Questions will be represented with team number and webpage/social media account etc.

We discussed with the our team and decided that aim is learning so we are planning to share question pool like a brainddump sheet. This will also help participant teams to prepare unique questions.

All the questions will have same points.
Who answers most gets the leadership.
If we can achieve, program will share users point on the Google Game charts.

Our time planning shows that we will finish code and scenario in the middle of January. Than minor fixes will come.

Any suggestions on scenario etc welcomes. Thanks for your support.

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