Android on the Classmate

Our team is looking into running Android on the classmate to use as part of our scouting system. I have been trying to install Android on our new E11 classmate through a USB flash drive with no success. Has anyone had any experience with running Android on the classmate?

x86 versions of Android are here,

I’m questioning why you’re aiming to take this approach. Do you have an existing Android app that you’re looking to run on the classmate? Can you elaborate on your scouting system? We might be able to find a better approach. Android x86 has very limited hardware support and isn’t intended to be installed on a wide array of PC hardware.

We ran opensuse last year on our classmate.
If you don’t need something specific to android, that could be an option.

We are planning on making an Android app to enter and manage the data we collect. We plan to have several other tablet devices to enter data connecting with Bluetooth. They all will run Android and we want to be able to make just one app rather than an Android version and a PC version. I have attempted running Android on the classmate just to see if we could use hardware like the keyboard. We don’t want to have to buy another device if we already have something we could use.

If you really need to use Android you can use the emulator in the Android SDK. It’s kinda slow sometimes but it should be good enough.
Or you can look into BlueStacks. I’m not sure if you can run any Android app but I’ve heard it’s very good.

Neither the emulator or BlueStacks support bluetooth.