Android Scouting App

I created a scouting app called “FRC Scouting Helper” for any android phones. The app basically allows you to easily scout using your phone, with the option to save the information. Instead of carrying around pencils and paper, or a heavy laptop. Stores the report, so later it can be viewed in the app.

Also we will be continuously updating the program to add a few cool features like Blue-tooth and pictures.
Any feedback, changes, or anything that should be added would be appreciated.

FRC Scouting Helper

Even though we will be using another scouting program, I have downloaded this and will give it a try at our frist regional as it could make the paper/pencil method obsolete.

Great idea!

Downloaded and running fine, I’ll play with it a bit and give you some feedback later. Nice work!

Thank you, for the replies. I update this app so it’s easier to read the selected options. I also added qualification match number option to save or load that match info, like how their autonomous was during that match. Soon i will add a feature that will give percentage of how the team does do to the scouting info. Such what percentage do they hang the ubertube in autonomous mode or do they always deploy the minibot. I believe this could be useful before matches or choosing alliances.

Now how bout something like this for iphones?

Ran it on a Droid running Android 2.2. I entered a bunch of information for a team and pressed save. It gave no indication that the data was saved. I pressed back to get back to the main menu to load the team and found that the list was empty. So, it seems that data is not being saved correctly.

Also, you have a force close situation if the user clicks ‘load team’ without having a team selected or having an invalid team number.

Another minor gripe is that your icon does not follow the Android standards. You’ll probably want to come up with a simple design and make it look a little more professional.

thanks for the feedback, with saving i switched it from just clicking save to holding the button. Try holding the save, then you should see an indication that it saved or not.

I’ll take a look at that and fix it, and thanks for the suggestion about the icon.

I just released an update that fixes this problem, on the load team page.

This is a great app that we used at our regional, but I took it to the next level and wrote a program that parses the files, sorts it, and ranks the teams based on a weighted score. It’s an amazing time saver and makes scouting matches funner and more convenient. If anyone is interested in using it, just let me know!

Is there anyway I could get the source code for the app, I would like to contribute.