Android tablet recommendations for scouting

Our team is researching Android tablets to be used for scouting. Can anyone give us recommendations on make and models we should look into?

There are plenty of good recommendations in old threads. Just look in the scouting sub-forum at so older treads.

Could be I am not researching correctly but I can’t find any info on tablet options to look info. I find many threads that talk about using Androids and apps for scouting but nothing on what type of Android devices are being used. Thanks.

Well anything that can run the google play store is really what you want, and pretty much all android tablets have the play store. So anything that meets your screen size and screen run time requirements would work. Just make a list of whatever you want this tablet to be able to do, and then go do your research and see what’s out there that meets your requirements. If you can’t find anything that matches your exact needs then figure out which of the options that you have works best for what you want.