Ok, so after some hard work on the farm with Andy’s folks and then a Friday afternoon at his house with me, we got everything pieced together and I have edited and am getting ready to release the Andy Baker survivor audition tape.

Thank you to all who participated in sending a clip and all your support. I apologize if you did not make the video, i had to use the highest quality video and 3 minutes really isnt that long of a time period, again my apologies if you were cut out.

One last thing before you comment on the sound level variations, ill have that fixed for the final video tape.

And Now, without further ado,

The Andy Baker Survivor Video

Nicely done!! I like the “Real Canadians!!”


the pigs sealed the deal, great job with the video (awesome editing DJ) and good luck Andy!

Well done.


Great Job. I think that all sums it up, and the “real canadians” was deffinately a giggle along the way. :slight_smile:

haha… i loved when you grabbed the pig by the tail.

Hahaha, that was great Andy! Good luck!

Nice job with the video! :slight_smile: Andy I hope you get on Survivor.

And why did you name the pig “Jason”!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful work DJ, and good luck to you Andy!

WOW Awesome video, they are sure to put you on survivor Andy :slight_smile:

Awesome video!! CBS better put you on Survivor, or else they’ll be missing out.

Awesome! Great Job DJ and Good Luck Andy!

Great video!

All I gotta say, is that if nothing else…we now have footage of Andy Baker dragging a pig by its squiggly little tail! I am still laughing, and I dont think I’ll stop for a while! If that doesn’t get the attention of the producers, I dont know what will!

You got a legit shot buddy!

-Andy Grady

I wonder what producers would think if they received 500 submissions from FIRSTers… in the beginning give an intro on yourself, then turn the next two minutes into “PUT ANDY ON SURVIVOR”!!! LOL, monopolizing the entries! :yikes:

It sure looked to me like that pig was doing most of the dragging :slight_smile:

Good luck, Andy.

Good video. It’ll be hard to forget, “well… I think I underestimated the swine…” haha, priceless.

Good luck, Andy. How can CBS turn down international support?

The pig was named Jason, because in 2002 Andy sumo’ed Jason Morrella at LA.

Pretty funny stuff, good job DJ and Andy!!!

Best of luck to you,


Great job on the video, DJ, and good luck Andy! I hope to see you on the show; I think you’d make a great Survivor. :smiley:

Great video, good luck Andy!!!