Now I’ve definitely seen it all! Good luck Andy!

You guys are hilarious. I haven’t even see the final cut of this video! DJ is sending it to me today, as I am on vacation north of Myrtle Beach (in NC). I’ve got dial-up, and I can’t download the clip.

For all of you who sent stuff in, I really appreciate your help. Even those who have just given support, thanks goes to you too. This is one of those things that you say you are gonna do, and then you give up on it due to apathy. But, all of you guys were putting in support on this site and now I just gotta do this.

I need to send in this entry by 6/22. All they want from me is a completed application, proof of having a Passport, and the video. There will be interviews in late July, and they will call me if interested. We shall see.

DJ, I owe you, once again.

Thanks all!

ANDY! Stop by Richmond, VA on the trip up! We’d love to have you! :wink:

Is there a quick way you could balance the sound a little better? Or is it too late? :frowning:

In the first post DJ said…

One last thing before you comment on the sound level variations, ill have that fixed for the final video tape.

In a word-Amazing! After CBS sees this video, how can they NOT put Andy on Survivor… :rolleyes:

He said that he was not a turkey, and that was NOT a rooster. It was obviously a turkey, so it was planned. There was no phsyco rooster or turkey.

Edit: Thanks for putting our team in the video.

Have you heard anything Andy?
Should you have heard anything?


I spoke to him not that long ago and as far as i know he still hasnt heard anything…

Yes, that is correct. I have not heard anything and presume at this point that I will not hear anything.

Andy B.

OK, so does this mean you are a:

“survivor survivor”,

“survivor casualty”

or perhaps a survivor _____ (open mic, someone fill in the blank :slight_smile: )

** perhaps they saw the IRI ‘performance’ video and it was too much even for Survivor! **

Andy, so this means you got prebooted off the island for survivor.

But… Are you gonna be on the Real Gilligan’s Island? (TBS Reality show) :rolleyes:

“Andy’s Island”

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
a tale of a fateful build.
That started from this komoko School,
Among these Power tools.
The mate was a mighty engineerin’ man,
the skipper brave and sure.
Five Students set sail that day,
for a six week build, a six week build………
The weeks started getting rough,
the Failed Design was tossed.
If not for the courage of the fearless Team,
the T-Kats would be lost; the T-Kats would be lost.
The Team took their robot To the Comp In this uncharted Arena,
with Andy-B,and DJ too,
the teamleaders, and Their Crew,
the Bateries, the Drivers and Programers,
here on Andy-B’s Isle.

Nice job…how long did that take you to come up with?

Okay, this is weird… So how about tonight’s Survivor episode where they wrastle the pigs?? Coincidence, or did Andy give them a good reward challenge for Steak 'n Eggs??

freaky :ahh:

Yes that was very freaky. I pictured Andy running around tackling the pigs

They probably thaught that Andy would have too much experence for that stunt :slight_smile:

I saw that last night, and my first thought was Andy would be perfect at this.

a survivor that never was.

Good job with the movie.

I totally violated the network at my school to watch that. Because it won’t play on my home computer. How awesome.