Andy mark swerve drive help needed

I need help with our new andy mark swerve drive we got earlier this year. the otions we got for it were
neo brushless motor on a spark max
pg71 on a spark max
lamprey encoder
using labview

these are what i need help with

  1. How do i code a lamprey encoder?
  2. how do i stop the steering wheel from slowly getting out of sync?
  3. how do i get the code for the swerves to have spark maxes instead of talons is it as simple as just switching it from talons to spark maxes?

I can’t help much, but for #2, a classic method is to recalibrate the system automatically. For example, a switch is set to make contact when the swerve module hits xx degrees. The switch closure tells your software that the module is at xx degrees, allowing for a recalibration every time that switch closes.